3 Tools Your Dental Surgeon May Use During an Upcoming Procedure

Without a doubt, understanding the machinery of your family dentist is often a mystery. How many times has he or she left the room during an appointment and left you looking around at all the bizarre-looking metal instruments that will potentially be probing your teeth after his or her return?

To put it simply, dentistry tools can seem odd to the untrained eye. If this sounds familiar but your curiosity, has you wondering what some of those funny little parts and devices may be, then you are in luck. Without further ado, check out these tools your dental surgeon may use during an upcoming procedure.

1. Hand Piece

You may know it as a “drill,” but another term for the tool that eliminates decay and preps teeth for crowns is a hand piece. When your surgeon is drilling during your procedure and you awkwardly glance up, you may notice the midwest quiet air piece and wonder “What the heck is that?” There is no need to worry. Dentistry tools look strange, but they are totally safe with trained use.

2. Excavator 

Another tool that might catch your attention is the excavator. If you are someone who has a significant amount of soft dentin, debris or decay on your teeth, then there is a good chance that you will see this tool during one of your visits. 

3. Mouth Mirror

Mouth mirrors actually look pretty cool because of their functionality, but they are nonetheless weird-looking. Their use is quite straightforward. Your surgeon uses the mirror on this tool to help him or her view the entirety of your oral cavity. Say cheese!

Although your dental surgeon’s toolset may make you raise an eyebrow, every piece has a practical purpose. If you have questions about something in particular that you see, do not hesitate to ask your dentist or surgeon. After all, work on teeth is his or her job.