4 critical factors to consider before selecting breast implants

What comes to mind if you’re considering getting breast augmentation? The majority of women choose the size of their breast implants. But while choosing breast implants, breast augmentation patients must take into account a number of other aspects in addition to size. 

One of their options is the implants’ hardness and projection. A patient’s choice of solutions depends on her particular body type and aesthetic goals. I’ll go into more depth about each of these choices in this blog article and explain why they are important.

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  1. Size

It’s common for patients to state their desired bra cup sizes while discussing their breast augmentation aspirations, such as “I want to be a D cup.” Sadly, the cup sizing technique employed by bra makers is not regulated, making it useless for choosing a breast implant size. We gauge implant volume in cubic centimeters instead. 

Regardless of the manufacturer, a 350cc implant has the same size. Patients should emphasize achieving outcomes that look natural and are in balance with the rest of their bodies more than bra cup sizes. Patients can imagine possible outcomes with the aid of sizers and 3D imaging.

  1. Projection 

The projection of the implant, also known as the profile, is likely the breast implant option with the least amount of knowledge. Simply said, projection is the distance that implants appear to extend from the chest wall when viewed from a profile angle. An implant’s profile is equally as significant as its size in terms of how the outcomes will seem.

  1.     Filler

Both silicone gel and saline solution can be used to fill the outer shells of breast implants. However, there are still options because the newest silicone gel implant generations come in a range of cohesiveness, with some implants feeling firmer than others. A more elevated appearance of the breasts may result from firmer implants. Because most people think cohesive silicone gel implants feel and look more like natural breasts than saline implants, they are the preferred option for around 85% of breast augmentation patients in the United States.

  1. Location

Because it will affect how the results appear and feel, the location of an implant is important when selecting one. Generally, implants can be positioned over or under the chest muscle (the pectoralis muscle). In dual-plane implant placement, the implant is partially placed under the muscle, which can be more complex.