5 Amazing Health Benefits of Spin Class

New year, new you — is this your refrain for 2021?

If so, you might be shuffling through ideas to help you improve your health. Among the newfangled workouts and popular meal plans, you’ve found the eternally popular option of going to spin class.

But before you sign up, you want to learn the benefits of spin class to make sure it’s the right New Year’s resolution for you. Here are the top five advantages of spinning to consider.

  1. Spin Class is Low Impact

You envision spin classes as intense cardio workouts — and, indeed, they can be. But just because you’re jogging on a bike doesn’t mean you’ll be killing your joints.

Instead, spin class proves to be a low-impact exercise that protects the knees, hips and ankles throughout your workout. And, as you ride more often, you can build up more flexibility and strength in these areas, too. So, you’ll both safeguard your joints and improve their function over time.

  1. Cycling Fights Stress

Next, a spin class after a long day can help you de-stress. A spin workout, much like other forms of cardiovascular exercise, will boost your endorphin levels and send adrenaline rushing through your veins. Both of these side-effects have proven stress-fighting abilities.

As we said, most exercise tends to have such an effect. But in a spin class, you get a high-energy, fast-paced workout — in 40 to 60 minutes, you’re finished and feeling stress-free.

  1. Spin Classes Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns all day long. Spin class can help you build muscle in your lower body — your hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves all fire up during a cycling workout.

On top of that, you can get a serious calorie burn from spin class, too. And, if your class incorporates high-intensity interval training, that boosted burn can last for up to 48 hours post-ride. That’s one major reason why so many people sign up for spin — it’s so adept at keeping you in shape.

  1. You’ll Strengthen Your Heart

Spinning counts as an aerobic activity. As such, your lungs, blood vessels and heart will all get a workout with you. And this is great news for your cardiovascular system.

Over time, your resting heart rate should subside, as will your blood pressure. And that puts less strain on your heart — allowing it to pump strongly and healthily.

  1. Spin Class Creates a Community

Whether you sign up for an online spin class or a spin class near me, you won’t ride alone. Instead, you’ll find that spin teachers do a great job of making the class feel like a collective. It’s inspiring to watch others push their hardest — it will make you want to do the same.

If you attend the same spin class every week, you’ll get to know your instructor and classmates. That will make you want to work harder and attend regularly, too. You’ll have a studio full of accountability buddies — workout out with friends makes you more likely to stick to the program.

The Benefits of Spin Class — Experience Them Yourself

These are only five of the many benefits of spin class. All you have left to do is sign up for a class, clip into your bike and experience them for yourself.

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