5 Tips to Prepare Your Kid’s First Dental Appointment

Visiting the dentist regularly is an important part of your health routine. A dental check-up helps to make sure your teeth and gum are in good health. Also, a dental checkup will help to identify when something is wrong with either your teeth or your gum. For everyone, including your kids, a dental checkup every six months is recommended.

It is natural that kids will be scared of places that they haven’t visited before. Worst still, a dental clinic is one of those places they wouldn’t want to be. This is due to the stories they’ve heard from their friends.

However, there are tips to help your kids prepare well for their first dental appointment.

1. Be Excited

Research once revealed that parents are capable of passing their dental anxiety on to their children. Even if the dental clinic isn’t your favorite place in the world, conceal it from your kids.

Ensure you do not discuss any bad experience you may have had with the dentist with them. Be optimistic and positive about dentists to your kids always. Remind them that a visit to the dentist is needed for their teeth to be healthy.

2. Tour the Dental Clinic before the First Appointment

When it comes to choosing a dental clinic, choose a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist. This is because they know what working with children means. They are well aware of a child’s development as well as psychology. Once you’ve booked your appointment, it is advisable for the sake of your kids to tour the clinic in advance.

This helps them to become familiar with the scenes and helps them to feel more comfortable. Allow them to see everywhere there’s to see in the clinic. This way, they wouldn’t feel out of place when your appointment is finally due.

3. Read Books and Watch Videos about Dentists

This is one way to prepare them for their first dental appointment. The more books about going to the dentist you read with them, the more they begin to feel at ease. Also, videos leave a longer impression on the mind than words do.

Watch educative videos about going to the dentist with them. This will help reduce any tension they may face because the scenes are already familiar.

4. Mimic a Dentist at Home

Playing the dentist at home can help ease the tension of seeing the dentist as far as your kids are concerned. Talk about oral health with your kids and why it is important to their overall health. Also, you can allow your kids to play the role of a dentist and look at your teeth.

5. Be Wise about Choosing a Date for the Appointment

This means scheduling your kid’s dental appointment for a time when they’re in a good mood. Those times can be when they’ve eaten well or after a nap. Kids will naturally throw tantrums when they are tired or hungry. They’ll also stonewall and become uncooperative.

Dental health should be a priority for your kid. However, you should take adequate steps that make them comfortable and at ease. Their cooperation is important to the overall success of the dental appointment.