A detailed guide to causes and symptoms of bipolar disorder

The illness can be either physical or mental. The disease that is related to shifts in mood can elevate that is called as mania. This is disease that includesdifferent episodes of depression. The ones who suffer from this disease will have lot of trouble managing their everyday task. There is as such no cure but medical science has come up with certain options that will manage the symptoms.

What is bipolar disorder?

The bipolar disorder is related to the brain and it is not rare.  There are many who are affected with this disorder and usually the symptoms are seen at the age of about 25 years. This is a disease that may last for two weeks or may be for many months. This is related to mood swings and some find it to happen rarely, while others experience it several times.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are:

  • Mania

When you see a person is emotional high, then that person is experiencing mania. This is the time that they feel impulsive, euphoric as well as full of energy. This is the period that they engaged in activities such as spending sprees or experiencing unprotected sex and even might get involved in the use of drugs.

  • Hypomania

The hypomania is also related with the changing moods but it does not affect the daily work at school or any other social relationships.

  • Depression

The depression is an episode that the patient experiences like deep sadness or lack of interest in any of the activities or may be loss of energy due to lack of sleep.

The treatment of bipolar disease is that can be handled by managing the mood swings. The best way is to create a care team who can help you. There are psychiatrists and psychologists who treat such patients through talk therapy. This is how the symptoms of this disease can be treated.