All About Nose Thread Lift for A Sharper Nose

We all desire beautiful facial features, and each face part has a defined standard for it. As far as nose is concerned; a sharp and defined nose is looked upon as the ultimate. Unfortunately, most Asians have a flat or low nose bridge with upturned nose tip. Earlier., this nose augmentation or nose job was done through the surgical procedure of rhinoplasty. However, today, the non-surgical nose thread lift has become the way to get a perfect nose. Let’s get to know it a little better. 

What is it?

This procedure uses absorbable threads crafted from polydioxanone (PDO) and is completely biocompatible with the human body. In this treatment, the threads are inserted vertically in the nose tip and horizontally in the nose bridge such that they act as a scaffolding structure and contours and shapes the nose as desired. 

Duration of results 

The threads which have been embedded during the treatment usually dissolves within six to eight months post-treatment, but the lifted position of the nose lasts another eight to twelve months. When you repeat the treatment then; the subsequent results last longer and gradually, you might witness permanent lifting.

Choice of doctors 

It is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of this procedure. The job might be more straightforward than traditional dermal filler treatments, but it can leave your nose more botched if the doctor is not correct. The doctor must be experienced enough with a significant number of successful cases below his belt. You must also know about the number of complications he had faced so far. Other things to enquire are the number of threads and their type that he would use on your nose as well as the post-procedure protocol and support. 

While the process carries little risk; there are many aspects involved in it. You can click here for more information about this procedure and how to book an appointment for it.