Alpha GPC-A High Quality Brain Food

You might ponder what dosage you should take to have an optimal effect. You can take this drug orally or through injection. Surprisingly the Alpha GPC powder is sweet in taste. The dose intake depends on the purpose of using the drug, whether you are using it for psychological or physiological. To increase fat burning and muscle gaining and strength, you should take around 600mg per day an hour or half prior to your workout. For cognitive performance and increasing, mental power lesser dose of 200mg to 500mg is required. Accompany this drug with other Racetam genre compounds to witness amazing results. You can take this drug several times but restrict to the minimum level of 200mg to 600mg with an interval of at least four hours. If you take foods enriched with faddy acids with this drug, it will result in better absorption.

Fatty acids

There are three major types of omega-three fatty acids; DHA, ALA, and EPA. Vegetables and fruits are full of ALA, whereas fish, algae, and seaweed are rich in EPA and DHA. Mackerel, salmon, seabass, oysters, and sardines are rich in omega-three fatty acids. Fatty acids develop healthy cell membranes, helps the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, thyroid and adrenal activity, hormone production, regulating blood pressure, blood clotting, breakdown of cholesterol and maintaining glowing skin and hair.

Side Effects

No serious side effects have been witnessed even after taking this drug. The best nootropic choline is very safe and can be used as a dietary supplement with many benefits. On rare occasions, some side effects are witnessed in the user; the symptoms contain headaches, insomnia, dizziness, skin rashes, and heartburn. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should reduce the intake dosage if it persists in spite of that or becomes more acute medical attention is needed on a priority basis. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid this drug because no research has been conducted on the side effect on fetuses or babies.

Foods those are rich in choline

Foods that are rich in choline are; lean chicken, lean pork, fish (salmon), oyster, eggs, beef, shrimp, shellfish, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, milk, spinach, wheat, nuts, sweet corn, and flax seeds. This drug is a great supplement of choline, which enhances comprehensive brain function and mental acuteness. Many bodybuilders use this drug as it produces acetylcholine in the large amount. It enhances muscle strength and power output. It also boosts motivation and induces a slight increase in dopamine and serotonin. This drug helps the bodybuilders to improve their physique and psychology at the same time. A study was conducted in the US College to witness the effect of this drug on bodybuilding. After a daily dose of 600mg daily for a period of six weeks, significant improvement was seen in baseline strength.

If you want to get the full potential of this drug, then you need to buy high-quality Alpha GPC. Only high quality can release 40% choline through the blood-brain barrier. This drug completely breaks down when it comes in contact with oxygen. You should buy it in suitably constructed capsules and store them in an airtight container.