Amazing Mental and Physical Health Benefits to Exercise For Senior Adults

There are several reasons why we slow down with age. It may be due to the lack of stamina, body energy, health problems, pain issues etc. Most times senior adults don’t exercise mainly due to the fear of falling or getting a muscle pulled. But this should not be the case. An active lifestyle should be a priority with growing age. 

Physical activity is among the top factors that increase longevity. If you have not been exercising in your younger years, it is not too late to start exercise in your senior years. Being active is not just about adding years to your life. It is about being able to enjoy a healthy life. There are many more benefits to exercise for senior adults if they choose to follow this path to fitness. 

Physical Benefits

Maintain or lose weight. The metabolism slows down with growing age. This makes staying healthy a bit of a challenge. Metabolism is the body’s ability to sustain energy to perform physical activities. With low metabolism, you will easily get tired with even a small time of activity. Regular exercise helps increase the metabolism levels and develop muscle mass so your body is able to burn more calories and lets you stay fit.

Reduce the impact of illness. Anyone who exercises gets to have improved immunity levels and better blood pressure, digestive system and heart function. This improvement in body functions greatly reduces the risk of chronic diseases and illnesses. If a person chooses to follow a good diet and takes supplements from a trusted pharmacy such as, they may have a chance at a better and healthier life. 

Enhance your mobility and balance. 

Regular physical exercise helps improve balance, mobility and flexibility in the body. It improves coordination between mind and body, hence a fewer risk of falls. Different forms of exercises such as strength training and cardio can contribute to decreasing the risks of joint issues such as arthritis. 

Mental health benefits

Improves sleep

As you get older, you need sleep to conserve your energy. And it is not a good sign if a person has disrupted sleep in their elder years. Exercise helps a person sleep better. And when a person sleeps better, they conserve energy more and wake up feeling more energetic and fresh. 

Improves brain function 

Nothing beats the mental effects of exercise. Regular exercise keeps the blood flow to the brain regular and helps boost brain functioning. This is why exercise is greatly recommended for people with dementia.