At what age should a child see a dentist?

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People at Battersea has always had a common complain, When it come to seeing a Dr. with a child, its the tough task ever. Especially with a Dentist!! Yes that is true every child would not be willing to see a dentist unless it’s critical as they love their toffees, chocolates and ice creams far more than that of the instructions by the Dr’s on not eating them. Well it’s kind of the funny and laughing thing but a little facts of our little ones as well. Well we at perfect smile are happy to advise that our dental clinic at Battersea is having a huge crowd of kids coming in with a big wide smile for their routine checkups.

Ideally the child first goes to the Dentist when he or she turns on like six or eight months old. Or maybe you can say when they first start having their milky teethes coming in. it is very important from then that age itself to see a dentist on a regular interval to make sure your teethes are healthy and your gums are strong as well.

Let us understand on grounds what kind of dental checkups are needed at what age for kids from being six months old to six years or upto ten years and then above to teens.For the child from 3 months to three year or so a check-up every six months is recommended with a Pediatric Dentist in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. For children’s above that age should have min three or two checkups a year to have a complete care on the tooth as well as to prevent them from Gum Decay or any kind of cavity infection.

There are many children’s who in a very small age develop a lot of infective diseases due to gun decay. Also after the age of 10 years there are chances of having teeth issues where consulting a right dentist is very important. We have many patients at Battersea who come for Invisible Fillings at a very young age. Due to the bad teeth care or brushing issues there are gaps or red stained appearing over the same. We suggest them to go for the invisible fillings which gives them a better look as well as helps them from preventing in further decay of their teeth.

There are cases with few of the kids who might have met with an accident or so and hence the damage happens or the child looses a teeth for a permanent basis we have suggested them for Veneers. Not every dentist might suggest for the same but few do.  Even in those cases, the dentist at ourdentist Batterseawill caution the guardians that the veneers will have to be replaced once or maybe two times maximum by the age of the child reaches his or her early adulthood. Many of the dental professionals will never hesitate to give you the suggestion on having a porcelain veneers in Battersea area for a patient who is at least fourteen to sixteen years of age group.

The other set of children’s we have met at Battersea dental clinic are children’s for a dental crown. This is to be used on primary (baby / Milky) teeth in order to save a tooth of the child that has been so damaged. The reason behind such damages can be that of by decay or by cavities that it can’t support a filling.Protecting the teeth of a child is at high risk when they are damaged in by tooth decay, especially when a child has got difficulty keeping up with daily oral hygiene by their own.  Having a Stainless steel crowns over the teeth can help the child protect primary (milky / baby) teeth. These stainless steel crowns are used to treat the molars (back teeth) which have either decayed or not formed properly within. These types are of stainless steel Dental crowns are pre-made and come in a wide range of sizes.We advise to all our Battersea clients is that Early checkups help prevent cavities as well as the tooth decay in kids. Such kind of dental issues can lead to pain, trouble concentrating and other medical issues. Hence please make sure you take your child to visit the Dental clinic minimum twice a year.

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