Chiki Buttah

Kimberly Keeshin is the founder and chief alchemist of Chiki Buttah products. Chiki Buttah is handmade with love from Austin, Texas. Each product is solely made with the purest organic ingredients. Chiki Buttah ingredients are located from nature to create the highest quality balms and butters that are free from fillers, parabens, chemicals, and artificial fragrances. 

The word Chiki Buttah has a significant meaning. In the Asian culture Chi is defined as “life force” and Ki is defined as “energy”. Chiki Buttah is a unique aromatherapy blend infused with “life force energy” (Chi Ki), which allows your senses and skin to relax and rejuvenate. 

Each batch is made with attention and intention. Before the product is created, the surroundings are thoroughly checked and ensured that the surroundings are well sanitized, the atmosphere is peaceful, and the state of mind is clear. Chiki Buttah is very attentive to the details of each and every product that is prepared from the start of its preparation to the final stages of labeling the products. Each product is handled as an individual. There is a connection between the person that will acquire that product to be used as a ritual in their daily routine and us. The intention is set and made sure to instill each and every product with love and a smile.

“When you do everything with love and love everything you do, open up your heart and let your light shine through, there is a palpable difference in the final product.”


  • Kim Keeshin