Choosing Your Implant and Incision Type for Breast Augmentation Houston

When you consider having breast augmentation Houston is an ideal place to have it. You have a variety of options to optimize your results to match your particular situation and desires. For instance, your surgeon may perform various incisions and implant types. The procedure is tailored to meet your expectations while factoring in your body composition.

Implant Types 

Two main kinds of implant varieties exist; silicone and saline. With silicone implants for breast augmentation, Houston cosmetic surgeons offer either a shaped-gel option or a round one. The shaped-gel implants are teardrop-shaped implants with a formable gel. They look very natural. Also known as gummy bear implants, these implants don’t have the enhanced shape of silicone or a standard round-gel implant. Although these implants look more natural, if they should happen to slip out of place, it’s noticeable. The gummy bear implants are durable and last longer, though.

With a round-gel implant, the material is a gel just like the gummy bear ones. However, they feel more natural than gummy bear implants. The filler ends up settling at the bottom region of the implant when you’re standing or sitting. When you lie down, the filler distributes more evenly, the same way a natural breast does.

The other option is saline. These also have a round shape like a round-gel implant. The inside of the implant has saline. This method requires the smallest incision of any type of implant because your surgeon doesn’t fill them until after inserting the shell.

Incision Choices

The most common type of incision is an inframammary one, which consists of your surgeon making a cut underneath your breast where the fold is. It gives your surgeon the best view of the area when compared to other locations. Your practitioner is able to see the muscles, vessels, and nerves well. However, it can leave visible scars, especially if you’re prone to scarring. You may also consider having the incision around your nipples, under your armpits, or through your belly button. The creases of your nipple may hide the scarring. When your surgeon conducts the procedure through your armpit, the incision isn’t as noticeable since the scar blends in with the natural creases of your armpits.

Breast augmentation is a very common procedure. Statistics indicate a nearly 20,000-person increase in the number of procedures over the course of one year alone. It’s a relatively safe procedure, and nowadays, you can customize your surgery to achieve the results you want.