Complications due to Masseter Botox

People want slim jawline or want to prevent teeth grinding. For this purpose, masseter botox Toronto is the one you must choose. However, there are certain complications associated with it. Let us look at some of the main ones. Some are minor whereas some severe. You need to keep yourself prepared before getting the treatment done.

  1. Issue of Asymmetry

At times it may happen that your doctor would fail to identify the difference in the size of the left and right masseters. Thus, it is essential that your doctor analyses well before starting the treatment. This may need an additional dosage for correcting the asymmetry. This happens mainly because people prefer chewing on one side.

  1. Bruising

It is not so severe complication. But it happens most of the time. During the injection process, small vessels get injured. Masseter Botox Torontohas found that the rate of bruising is 2.5%. It is to be noted that within five to seven days they disappear.

  1. The issue to open mouth properly

This is a rare complication which is caused due to toxin paralysis of jaw muscles.  The pterygoid muscles are affected as the injection site is not able to reach the coronoid notch. Another reason is the temporomandibular joint not functioning properly. Thus, the situation can be avoided if the doctor injects the lower part of the masseter muscle only.

  1. Hematoma

Needle penetration of four major arteries known as the external carotid artery, the facial artery, the maxillary artery, and branches of the superficial temporal artery can lead to Hematoma. Another cause is a failure to generate proper compression.

  1. A full smile may get loss

This is mainly when there is a high amount of toxin diffusion into the risorius muscle.  But, the recovery from this issue also called smile limitation takes place in 1–3 months. Doctors before doing the treatment should know in-depth about muscular anatomy. It can help in avoiding the complication. Further, to overcome the problem, an injection safe zone is maintained at a distance of 1 cm from the masseter border. Also, a deep injection level is kept.

  1. Headache

After treatment chances of headaches are rare. It depends upon the physiology of every individual. There is also a possibility that patients who have got headaches from posttreatment may suffer it again in future treatments. It takes around two to four days to come out of this complication.

  1. Response to treatment is poor or nil

It is the complication caused either due to a lack of proper dosage or wrong placement of the toxins. Depending upon the immunity power of the patient-doctor can tell how well the treatment can work. There are rare chances that a patient would not be able to give a response.