Do You Peel Potatoes Before Roasting?

Potatoes are essential for a roast because of their versatility. The calories in potatoes are pretty low, which is another reason many people love them. However, getting them right is everything. Most people always wonder if the suitable method of roasting potatoes is with the peels or without the peels. If this is you, you’re in the right spot; this article is for you. Potatoes are versatile enough that you can cook them with or without the peels. Are you confused? We have different recipes that allow you to cook potatoes with the peel and without the peel. It all depends on your preference. However, to help you along below is a recipe for cooking potatoes with the peel.

Recipe to Roast Potato With the Peel

Cooking potatoes with or without the peels doesn’t change the calories in potatoes. However, this recipe shows you how you can cook potatoes with peels. However, the first thing you would need for this is the right potatoes. For this recipe, you need fluffy potatoes enough to give you the lightness you need inside. That’s why Yukon Gold or Idaho Russets are your best options or you Now that you have your potatoes, let’s get roasting.

Step one: Parboil

The best way to get the perfect roast is by parboiling a little bit before roasting the potato. It also ensures a crispy crust on the outside when you’re done. Without parboiling your potatoes, you might find the outside still tough after roasting. Cut the taters into large chunks and put them in a pot; boil for about ten minutes. All you need is the outside to be soft. The inside can remain hard.

Step 2: Shake it up

After boiling the potatoes, you have to ensure they’re really dry. That’s why you should shake them up. This process roughens up the potato surface and also creates space for the fat. It also prepares the skin for crispiness and cracks.

Step Three: Add the Fat

It doesn’t matter whether your choice is vegetable, sunflower, or goose fat. You have to make sure that the potatoes have an excellent coating before you roast. You can also use a low-fat alternative if you want to keep the calories in potatoes minimal. A good coating is the only way to achieve a crunchy and crispy result.

Step Four: Now We Wait

The timing of your potato usually determines how long you parboiled the potatoes. However, you should wait for about 40 minutes. You can always tell that it’s ready when it starts to turn golden brown and crunchy. The timing usually depends on the heat and efficiency of the oven. While you’re roasting in the oven, you should remember to turn the potatoes once or twice to ensure an even color and roast.