Does Surbex z increase sperm?

Health supplements are substances containing nutrients or health benefits that help to cover what is lacking from daily meals, in some instances supplements help to treat certain medical conditions by improving a person’s nutritional status. Many types of supplements are available for the consumer and this may make a person confused or questioned which supplements best suits them. Supplements such as Surbex Z and Surbex Protect are perfect for most those looking for general health support. Question now is, does Surbex Z increase sperm?

Surbex Z is a supplement combining all 7 types of essential vitamin B or often being marketed in the market as vitamin B complex which is most beneficial for brain and the nerve function, plus for energy expenditure. It is also packed with antioxidants of vitamin C and E that helps boost a person’s body immunity. Beside these nutrients being the active ingredients, zinc is added into this supplement, hence explaining the initial Z in the supplement’s name. Surbex Z can be considered a good multivitamin as it contains necessary ingredients for the body function and supporting one’s overall health or wellbeing.

Back to our main focus: does this supplement help increase sperm? In short, yes, it may. It is understandable that low counts can be a great frustration of a man who is trying to convince their partners to bear a child. Low sperm count does not only pose such issues but also makes a male have problem with sexual function such as low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. By improving the sperm quality, life of a man can be more meaningful and functional.

Zinc is an essential mineral for formation of sperm and possesses antioxidant properties that plays a role in the development of sperm while folic acid depends on zinc to help formation of DNA in the sperm. These two nutrients play a vital role in the process of sperm production which makes one of the treatments to help increase sperm revolves around supplementation of these nutrients. A recent study shows combination of folic acid and zinc supplements increase sperm count by 74% in male with infertility issues.

Studies show that zinc supplementation alone significantly increases semen volume, sperm motility and percentage of normal sperm morphology. These three parameters act as a guide for healthcare professionals to confirm sperm count and its quality. In fact, concentration of zinc is highest in the male seminal fluid accompanying sperm compared to other tissues in the body. This means when the concentration of zinc is high in seminal fluid, a male fertility level is likely to increase and poor zinc nutrition may have led to low sperm.

Taking Surbex Z to help increase sperm count is the easiest and reliable way. Surbex Z contains 15 mg of zinc and 400 mcg folic acid. These values may help in sperm formation by making sure a male is getting enough zinc. Normal serum zinc levels are between 70 to 250 ug/dL for adults and supplementation of 15 mg of zinc in Surbex Z helps a male to at least reach this level. Although not all cases of low sperm count are associated with zinc deficiency, taking Surbex Z does not only improve a male’s zinc status but also generally improves sperm health by providing zinc, folic acid and other supporting nutrients.

If a male is diagnosed with low sperm count or poor-quality sperm, Surbex Z may help improve this condition but it is still vital to follow healthcare’s advice and have discussion on available treatment. Treatment may take time to work and a person may need to go through many options of treatments before finding the right one.

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