Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery

Individuals who are severely overweight and have failed to see results from exercise and diet, Weight Loss Surgery is the safest and the most effective option for a significant weight loss. With diet and exercise alone, there is a probability that an individual will gain all the lost weight back in 4-5 years. While the success rate for weight loss surgery is comparatively long term. It allows a patient to lose the excess body weight up to 50-70%. Weight loss surgery is considered to be the most effective and long-term weight loss, leading to a healthy lifestyle for the morbidly obese individual.

Research shows that people who undergo weight loss surgery generally lose 50- 70% of their excess body weight depending upon the type of surgery they undergo. Gastric bypass surgery patients lose excess body weight in first 12 months quite rapidly as compare to that of lap band surgery. But patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery can experience a number of complications and side effects as considered to those with lap band surgery. Lap band procedure is gradual and long term and gives natural weight loss.

Other than looking and feeling better, there are numerous health benefits associated with weight loss surgery. Health conditions due to obesity or excessive weight are improved and, in some cases, cured, due to a successful weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery has incredible positive results in most cases but there are many factors that determine the impact of the surgery. Few factors that will help you decide whether weight loss surgery is right for you are:

  • Pre-surgery weight: Patients with higher pre-surgery weight, lose more excess weight after the surgery.
  • Overall Health: An individual’s pre-health also impacts the success of the surgery. Also, problems before the surgery due to overweight are improved post-surgery.
  • Surgery Procedure: Every surgery has risks and complications involved, individual should undergo weight loss surgery at a trusted hospital with the best surgeons.
  • Diets and Exercise: An individual who is able to conduct the regular exercise and follow the diet have more chances of meeting their desired goal.
  • Committed: For a long-term result, an individual need to be committed to exercise, diets and any follow up if suggested by the surgeon.
  • Motivation: One needs to be motivated throughout the process to achieve the desired result.
  • Support: It is important to have the support of your family members and friends, companions, etc. before undergoing weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery with time has become popular and is proven incredibly successful. An individual should consider the above factors before undergoing the surgery and should take a suggestion from and contact an expertsurgeon for Bariatric surgery.