Everything You Need To Know About Auto-Flowering Strains

The auto-flowering marijuana strains are produced from chemically modified auto-flowering seeds. These strains do not need to be exposed to light for flowering. Instead, after a particular age, these plants automatically start flowering. The life span of these auto-flowers is comparatively shorter than the other marijuana strains. The small size of these plants makes them an ideal choice for indoor growers.

People tend to look for auto-flowering marijuana strains with decisive effect. The THC level of the strain determines the potency of that particular strain. There are a few things that need to be considered when you cultivate auto-flowering plants in your garden space. The potency of any strain can be improved by taking these things into consideration Zkittles Auto Seeds.

1) The health of a marijuana plant needs to be looked after at every stage of its cultivation.

2) Preferably, cultivating auto-flowering seeds in outdoor conditions is more profitable than cultivating them indoors.

3) Harvest the buds of these plants at the right time and store the buds in supportive conditions.

4) Do not bother to pay a few extra bucks to obtain genetically good seeds.

The above four things will have a significant impact on the THC level of your auto-flowering plants.  For years, people have been asking about which are the most potent auto-flowering seeds that can be cultivated are. The following are the top 5 strongest auto seeds to buy and cultivate.

1) Zkittlez Auto Seeds

The auto-flowering strains obtained from zkittlez auto seeds have a THC content of 23%. It is one of the strongest indica strains, also known for its rapid growth In under 2 months.

2) Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds

The THC potency of Gorilla Glue Auto Seeds is about 24%. Many growers prefer growing these seeds. The effectiveness of this strain is worth the efforts of the growers.

3) Banana Kush Auto Seeds

The banana kush is one of the strongest auto-flowering strains, with a shocking THC content of 27%. The plant is compact in structure and best for growing in smaller areas.

4) Bruce Banner Auto Seeds

The plants of Bruce Banner auto-flowering strains grow rapidly in less than 8 weeks. Unlike banana kush, these plants are taller and need more space for cultivation. The THC content is around 25%.

5) Gold Leaf Auto Seeds

If you are a beginner, the gold leaf auto seeds are the perfect choice for you to cultivate. The THC content is about 21%, which makes this strain ideal for beginners.

This guide has shared sufficient information for you to understand the basics involved in growing auto-flowering plants. Once you have gone through this, you are all set to take the next step and buy the auto seeds with potency perfectly suitable for you.

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