FAQs About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


A lot of people all over the United States have become increasingly interested in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and this treatment is only going to continue to grow in popularity as times goes on.

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of HBOT, and below we’ll be delving deeper into some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this treatment. So if you’re interested in learning more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, keep reading on to see what other people are wondering about it!

What Exactly Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that catalyzes a patient’s natural healing through the use of 100% oxygen being inhaled while in a body chamber. The breathing in pure oxygen goes so far to support people dealing with all sorts of health ailments.

The increased oxygen levels in the patient’s body will support white blood cell productivity and give more opportunity for blood vessel expansion. This is a very painless and non-invasive treatment that helps people that can benefit from extra oxygen throughout their body’s tissues and cells.

What Are Some Of The Common Benefits of HBOT?

A lot of bodily healing requires high oxygen levels within a patient’s tissue, and a lot of injuries and diseases can linger on a cellular level. Serious health emergencies like strokes and circulatory problems become more prevalent when an individual’s body isn’t functioning properly from and oxygen standpoint, and HBOT helps patients to rejuvenate their oxygen supply via a natural process that doesn’t have any side effects.

HBOT has been proven to help people improve their overall quality of life, particularly within scenarios in which conventional medicine doesn’t work. Conditions like chronic fatigue, stroke, head injuries and cerebral palsy.

Are There Options When It Comes To Hyperbaric Chambers?

You’ll typically have two different options when it comes to hyperbaric chambers, including multiplace and monoplace chambers. Monoplace chambers will help one patient when it comes to incurring 100% oxygen within a pressurized setting.

Multiplace chambers can support several patients all at once and deliver oxygen via a hood or a mask.

What Are The Best Ways For A Patient To Prepare For HBOT?

You should only wear very clean, cotton apparel while you’re in the hyperbaric chamber. You shouldn’t wear any perfume, deodorant, hair preparations, cosmetics, jewelry or wigs while in the chamber.

Your technician will need to know about your medical history and current medications, and you shouldn’t drink alcohol or carbonated drinks for at least a handful of hours prior to your treatment.

It’s also important for patients to quit smoking or doing other tobacco products during HBOT treatment periods, because these products often disrupt the body’s capacity to transport the much-needed oxygen.

How Exactly Do Clinics Administer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBOT is often administered in very clean monoplace chambers that are made of clear acrylic. These chambers are often state-of-the-art and will allow for technicians to monitor a patient while treatment is ongoing.

Patients can also communicate with their technician through an intercom, and many people will listen to music or watch a movie during treatment, or just rest.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Safe?

Although there are some minor risks associated with this treatment just like any other medical treatment, HBOT is largely a very safe treatment for everyone. But it’s always a good idea to speak about certain risks that may apply to you while you’re in your consultation appointment with your therapist.

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There’s a lot that every patient needs to keep in mind when it comes to HBOT, but in general it’s important to know that this treatment is a good option for just about anyone that deals with oxygen fluidity.

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