Haircare Tips to Get Healthy Shinny Hair 

If you are having too many bad hair days lately, your tresses probably need some looking after. Good news is you don’t have to run to a salon for a gloss treatment or blast your hair with shimmering sprays to bring back the looks.

Your locks need some real care so that it finds its health and shine naturally. Here are some hair care tips that can help you get that shine back without spending big bucks on expensive treatments. 

Watch Out for Harmful Chemical-Based Products 

Doing the right thing for your hair also involves not doing the wrong things. What you want to avoid at all costs is to expose your hair to damaging chemicals. Drug based products these days carry a laundry list of chemicals some of which are incredibly damaging to both hair and scalp. The best way to prevent product-caused damages is to go for a biotin shampoo for hair growth followed by natural conditioners and hair masks. Chemical-free, these products enrich the texture of the hair while revitalizing the scalp and protecting the strands. Also reduce heat styling to once a month or less, if you can help it. 

Try a Weekly DIY Hair Rinse 

What can bring back the health and shine of your hair is the best biotin conditioner coupled with a nice vinegary hair rinse. Make your own post-conditioning rinse with a dash of apple cider vinegar and water, infuse the solution with your choice of herbs. Sage, rosemary, lavender, parsley, take your pick. Rinse your hair with this solution post-conditioning and then give it a quick wash before stepping out of the shower. The vinegar’s citric acid has anti-bacterial properties that unclogs hair follicles and dissolves away product residues. 

Brush Your Hair Every Day

Hair brushing helps pull the natural oil buildup from the scalp down to the strands. This keeps the strands naturally oiled. While you can use any kind of brush for this, those with natural bristles work best. They are gentle, less damaging and eco-friendly. 

Massage Your Scalp with Vitamin E

Take your vitamins orally, but for that extra shine and luster, massage your scalp daily with a little vitamin E. Vitamin E for hair comes in small capsules. Snip off the top and squeeze out the oil in your palm and go all in massaging your mane till everything is absorbed in. 

In with the Oils and Out with the Shimmering Sprays

Ditch the shimmer sprays for natural oils and you will be left with the same shiny results. Safflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil are some of the top choice of oil for haircare. 

Do a Weekly Treatment

Use a weekly hair mask on clean hair to keep it soft, lustrous and silky. Choose the treatment based on your hair type and concerns. For the rest of the week, the best biotin shampoo and conditioner would do fine. 

Introduce More Omega 3 Rich Foods in Your Diet 

Introduce a lot of mackerel and salmon in your meals for your locks love those. Also up your intake of walnuts, avocado and flaxseeds.