How Do You Maintain Botox?

After spending lots of money on Botox, it is reasonable for you to want this treatment to last for a long time. Of course, the best thing you can do is to take the right steps to ensure that this treatment lasts. So, let’s show you the following essential things you can do to maintain Botox.

1. Avoid exposure to extreme heat or strenuous exercises immediately after the treatment

If you have just been injected with Botox, it is crucial for you to avoid any excessive heat or stressful exercises such as hot yoga, running, saunas, intense facial massages, etc. Excessive heat or stressful exercises can force the Botox to move from the treated areas to another place where you don’t want it. Resultantly, you may experience eyelid drooping, temporal facial paralysis, and lots more. Although these effects will likely disappear after a few days or weeks, the Botox will not last as long as it should do. 

So, you must avoid exposure to extreme heat or strenuous exercises within the first 24 hours after the treatment.

2. Always take care of your skin

If you don’t take care of your skin, the effects of Botox can disappear after a few months. So, you need to focus on caring for your skin by drinking lots of water and moisturizing in the morning and night. Moisturizing and hydrating your skin will ensure that the treated parts of the body stay wrinkle-free and plump for an extended period.

3. Reduce or prevent exposure to the sun

If the treated body parts are damaged by the sun, there will be premature wrinkles. Unfortunately, Botox cannot work on sun-damaged wrinkles; hence, the result of your Botox injection will not last for a long period. It is recommended that put SPF on your hands, neck, and face from time to time to avoid damage to the Botox by ultraviolet rays from the sun.

4. Eat healthy diets

If you always consume sugary drinks, processed and packaged foods, and other types of junks, you can be certain that your Botox will not last. This is because junks can cause unhealthy weight gain or excessive weight loss which, in turn, lowers the effectiveness of Botox on your body.

Instead of junks, you should always eat healthy whole meals such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Also, replace sugary drinks with water. You are also advised to stop smoking and cut down your alcohol consumption.

5. Avoid or reduce stress

Stress has been identified as one of the major factors that speed up the rate of aging in many individuals. Similarly, stress can also weaken the effects of a Botox injection; thus, ensuring that it doesn’t last. Therefore, you must take the necessary actions that help you reduce or avoid stress in your day-to-day activities. Also, you can practice yoga exercises and meditation as they can relieve stress.

6. Go for Botox maintenance treatment program

After a Botox treatment, most doctors will recommend a regular Botox maintenance treatment program. Unfortunately, many patients usually overlook such a program. However, this action can reduce the longevity of your Botox. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure you undergo any recommended Botox maintenance program.

If you can follow the maintenance tips highlighted above, you can rest assured that your Botox injection will last for a long period.