How Herbalife Teas Can Compliment Your Day

Herbalife Nutrition has been satisfying customers since 1980. Life was much different four decades ago than it is today. During this period, a health and fitness movement was spreading across the nation. Herbalife is among the few pioneers of that movement that continues to satisfy customers year after year.


About Herbalife’s Tea Products


High standards, quality, and global impact are principles that Herbalife upholds every day. All of the company’s products are effective at producing results and crafted with the utmost care. Adhering to these principles is why millions of people enjoy Herbalife products every day of their lives.


Select Teas


Green Tea, Nature’s Raw Guarana (N-R-G) Tea, and Relaxation Tea all have a place in helping support a healthy, active lifestyle. Each tea is reviewed below for their ingredients and special benefits. Tea ingredients are detailed individually for clarity. Served hot or iced, the teas have a smooth consistency for an enjoyable experience.


Green Tea


The main ingredient in this product is simply green tea extract, with the addition of natural pomegranate flavoring. The tea is naturally flavored and sweetened and has zero calories. Green tea can be taken at any time of day for hydration. It’s also an excellent way to boost antioxidant activity to protect against free radical damage. For years, this tea has widely been considered a staple of good nutrition.


N-R-G Tea


N-G-R Tea is a wonderful way to add some lift to your day. The effect is gentle, and the tea mixes instantly. There is a noticeable reduction in fatigue, as well. The key ingredients are guarana seed extract and orange pekoe that support the caffeine powder. It’s important to provide the body with the right combination of nutrients, which is even more crucial when seeking a specific result, like improving energy. Herbalife’s nutritional products carefully consider their ingredients. The company’s long-standing reputation is a testament to these efforts. N-G-R Tea is flavored with natural lemon peel to give it a desirable and invigorating zest.


Relaxation Tea


When it comes to tea, some of the most sought-after experiences involve relaxation. Herbalife combines the extracts of chamomile and passion flowers. Lemon balm and lavender are also included to provide a synergistic effect. The tea is additionally flavored with peppermint and spearmint. Like Green Tea, this product is naturally flavored and sweetened. There are so many benefits to relaxation. A calm mind and body are foundational for a quality life. Herbalife Relaxation Tea makes achieving this state much easier.


Making the Best Choice for Your Lifestyle


All of these teas contain zero calories. They can be incorporated into your daily diet without adversely impacting your schedule. These teas are not magic. Rather, they provide gentle support that, if targeted properly, can add to the momentum of a wellness plan. Mornings can begin with N-R-G Tea so that you can confidently take on the rest of the day. Then, as your day winds down, Relaxation Tea can be enjoyed to help set the mood for quality rest. Green Tea is a perfect addition any time of the day.