How to Remove a Pull Up Bar?

What is a Pull Up Bar?

In simple words, a pull up bar is an exercise instrument for increasing upper body strength. Pull up bars use various muscles of your entire body while you pull the weight of your body upwards using your elbow and shoulders to the point where your torso is at an equal level to your flexed elbows.

Removing a Pull Up Bar:

For knowing how to remove a pull up bar you should first know if your pull up bar is door way bar or a wall mounted one since both require a different tactic.

 Removing your lat pull down cable machine specially if it’s one that used tools to be installed and rest firmly in place, can be a hectic job but like everything else, a basic introduction to how you should remove them safely can help make your chore easier than going in with zero knowledge.


  • Door Bars:


Door way bars usually function as temporary pull up bars that have rubber attached to their ends that so that the metal rod doesn’t damage your door frames. In most cases, the rod of the bar is attached and rests on the frame of the bar itself and can easily support weights up to even 400 lbs, depending on the quality of the bar you purchase. Click here to buy cable crossover machine with lat pull down.

However, for people who opt for permanent door way bars, the situation becomes a little more complex. Since permanent pull up door bars are installed using mounting brackets that are drilled in place, this makes it harder to undo the drilling work and even after you’re done the drills can leave permanent holes in your walls which honestly, no one wants.

  • Wall Mounted Bars:

Wall mounted bars come with a little more technique than the door way system. Firstly, they require concrete wall or wall studs to be located for their installation. So when you’re ready to remove pull down machine, the first step is to remove the screws, nuts and bolts that came as hardware that fix your bar in place permanently.  Check out fit for gym  for more information.

  1. A set of tools is what you need at this point to successfully get all the hardware equipment in one go. Next up is to undo the mounting plugs that are drilled to keep the frame in place. Once again, even after you’ve finished removing the hardware and gently lifting and removing the frame, the drills do leave permanent holes in your wall.