Why Should A Newly Married Couple Opt For Family Health Insurance?

In the typical life of an individual, marriage is an event that brings joy as well as responsibilities. Usually, at the age of 25 to 30, males and females prefer to tie nuptial knot and start having a family. In the present era, many couples are such where husband and wife both are working. They spend some time with each other after marriage and start thinking of having a kid. Usually, after two years of the wedding, the baby is planned, and the family is completed, but at this stage, the female has to give up the professional career to look after the baby. This brings an additional financial and social burden on the husband.

Why health insurance has to be taken?

After marriage, usually the male has to take responsibility of the wife. The health insurance can help him save not only in the event of any illness to him but also to the wife if he has taken coverage for both. Hence, he does not need to bear a cost of treatment in case of a small to critical illness if he has coverage from the insurance company. In many policies, the pregnancy cost and delivery of baby are also covered.

Now, this is a cost that one may have to bear in a short period also. Today, to go for delivery even in a good hospital does not end with a small amount. If the wife is covered under the policy, the delivery cost can also be provided under The Health Insurance only. Not only that, in some extreme cases, the pregnancy might prove to be complicated, and one has to bear the cost of tests and treatments to a huge extent. If the spouse has to suffer from any such issue, obviously, the health insurance can prove as a great shield.

The additional responsibility and other costs

After being a father, one has to care for the child also. Hence, his responsibility and financial burden increase but not the bank-balance. To save the back from a huge medical cost, one needs to go for health insurance. With the help of health insurance, one can have several advantages which are mentioned here.

  • Protection from unexpected cost for treatment: If after having a family, male or female (Husband or wife) has to suffer from any critical illness for which cost of medical treatment is much high, health insurance can be of much help.
  • No need to ask help from anyone: In case of a situation of unforeseen critical disease, one may have to seek financial assistance from family members, friends, and relatives. If one has the protection of health insurance, he can keep away from such a situation and counter the disease quickly.
  • Floater policy benefits: The floater policy is much useful in the case of a couple. In this policy, the premium amount is not much high, but the sum assured provided is considered for the claim from any of them. Hence it does not matter if the wife or husband has to counter the illness; the required amount of sum assured is provided by the insurance company in any case. One sum assured covers both, which means one does not have to remember much about the policy, premium amount, or keep the policy documents handy as for both, one policy is enough.
  • Additional benefits: As per the income tax act, one who pays the premium for health insurance can have an exemption for the same under section 80D. Additionally, the couple can also have benefits of no claim bonus and coverage of diseases, which are critical, after a few years of the continuance of health insurance from the same company.
  • Low price: Usually, a newly married couple is within the age range of 25 to 30, where they may not have any medical trouble also. Hence they can get a policy at a much affordable price. Even if they want handsome sum assured, the company can offer the same at a reasonable price as they are fit and fine at that age. This can help them much in the coming years if they continue the policy as gradually they may have to face various diseases but can have protection from the health insurance company.

Therefore, if the newly wedded couple goes for medical insurance, it can offer them a wide range of benefits. Before you buy a policy, you must compare all the available options.