Preparing to perform your whitening strip session

Actually, when making use of crest whitening strips products, it’s not so much what you must carry out in prep work for using them in contrast to what you should not.

Should you clean your teeth first?


  • Better adherence.


No, you should not. Crest’s instructions for their Whitening strip products specify that they’ll stay in the area much better without brushing your teeth prior to applying them.


  • Stopping gum irritation.


Crest books likewise recommend that you’ll tend to discover much less treatment-associated gum tissue inflammation if you are not brushing your teeth prior to using your strips.


  • A description.


One should presume that the sensations mentioned above relate to the tooth and mucosal pellicles that naturally create as well as are seemingly manipulated to help strip retention and secure gum surface areas from the whitener, as well as the act of brushing your teeth, will often try to remove them.

For how long should you wait after brushing?

While we do not discover any type of detail suggestion from Crest, we see it stated on their website that if you have simply brushed your teeth, you ought to “enable a long time to pass” before using your whitening strips.

We can report that:

A tooth’s pellicle starts to change instantly upon its exposure to saliva.

At a period 1 hour out, it has actually developed substantial thickness. And also, at a factor 2 hours adhering to cleaning, its formation, based on the number of various sorts of proteins it includes, can be considered considerably fully grown.

Your gum tissue’s surface area renews itself every 3 hours. So, whatever amount of protective film formation does assist to minimize soft-tissue adverse effects, it develops faster than that.

Getting rid of the strips from their product packaging.

The whitening strip comes packaged in pairs, one upper as well as lower) in individual pouches.

The two strips in each pouch are used for one treatment session and afterward discarded.