Safety Gears That You Shouldn’t Ignore Amidst This Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many lessons when it comes to maintaining personal safety and hygiene. In order to fight the pandemic, we should all be armed with certain gears and equipment. Some essential safety gears you should not ignore are:

  1. Face masks

Masks help to from a layer between your mouth and nose, and the environment. It helps to trap the small respiratory droplets that escape while talking, breathing, coughing, or sneezing. The mask you wear helps to protect others from you if you happen to be contacted by the virus, even if you are not aware of it.

  1. Sanitizers

Sanitizers come in very handy in order to kill germs or any traces of coronavirus from our skin when we don’t have access to water and soap. The sanitizer you must look to buy is one made with more than 60% alcohol. It is also recommended to set up touch-free sanitizer dispensers in and around your home like the one listed in to ensure zero contamination.

  1.  Temperature Guns

Temperature guns are devices that are held by hand and pointed at a person’s forehead in order to measure their temperature from a safe distance. These guns provide instantaneous readings and are sensitive enough to detect the change in temperature, although one must ensure to buy a high-quality one for accurate readings. It should also be held at a proper distance.

  1. Face Shield

These are transparent, light-weight shields made of plastic that covers the entire face, along with the nose, mouth, and eyes. It acts as a barrier from accidently touching your face. These shields can be washed after use, making them reusable gears. It is advisable to wear them at a crowded place.

  1. PPE Kits

PPE or personal protective equipment kits are single-use plastic full-body suits that must be worn with masks, gloves, goggles, and face shields for people who work in places that have a high risk of exposure to the virus. These kits have been proven effective in preventing the contact of the COVID in those who work in the frontlines.

Apart from these important ones, there are other protective accessories you can use to ensure your safety like disinfectant surface wipes, and gloves. But if you are armed with these five gears (or four if you don’t work in high-risk areas), you can consider yourself well-equipped to fight the virus.