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Pelvic pain is a large river with many tributaries. To reduce the flow, it is necessary to act on each tributary. Is it a widespread problem? Yes, 12-15% of women suffer, who have their lives ruined. Pain arises from persistent inflammation, a biochemical fire of progressive gravity and extension that affects the various pelvic and, sometimes, abdominal organs. Untreated, inflammation extends to the brain and causes neuroinflammation, depression and pathological (“neuropathic”) pain, a true disease of the pain system. Now that you can Buy CBD Suppositories Online you can have the best solutions there.

What Happens Really

In reality inflammation and pain are treatable, provided that: the diagnosis is accurate and early, so much the sooner, the better, because the complications of a biochemical fire are avoided which devastates the cellular architecture and the function of the different tissues and organs involved; the therapy is well personalized and articulated, so as to reduce the different tributaries of the great river of pain, acting on the predisposing, precipitating and maintenance factors (the doctor will give specific indications according to the pathology); the woman follows the therapeutic indications, both relating to lifestyle and pharmacological (“adherence to therapy”).

What are the most frequent causes?

The pain arises from a persistent inflammation that affects the intestine, causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); from endometriosis, a disease in which the endometrial tissue, located inside the uterine cavity and which flakes with every menstruation, is found in other organs and, bleeding with each cycle, creates a progressive and debilitating inflammation; painful bladder syndrome, when inflammation and pain affect the female bladder and external genitals, making sexual intercourse painful or impossible; fibromuscular pains.

How to reduce the different tributaries of pain?

Healthy lifestyles are essential. We repeat it often because in my professional practice we see them extremely neglected: walking, progressively reaching an hour of aerobic exercises (brisk walking early in the morning, now that the weather is fine), can reduce inflammation and pain by 10-30%: so much, and without drugs! The advice applies to all types of pain, if walking is possible, otherwise even swimming and water gymnastics are good.

Aerobic activity improves mood, releases negative emotions worsened by the underlying disease and pain, helps the metabolism, and reduces overweight and obesity: adipose tissue is a biochemical atom bomb and produces trillions of inflammatory molecules, “inflating” the river of pain. Good postural exercises and physiotherapy, to reduce the neglected river of pain that comes from those tissues and the hypertonicity of the muscles that close down the pelvis. Sleeping eight hours and then getting up quickly helps a lot. Favor vegetables, cereals, legumes, fish, fruit in moderation, rice, with attention to the foods to which you are intolerant, helps to reduce inflammation of the intestinal wall and that affluent of pain. No alcohol, smoke and carbonated soft drinks. Proper clothing, which does not force and does not cause micro-trauma to already inflamed genitals (avoid jeans and tight trousers).

In the opinion of the attending physician, various non-hormonal drug therapies are useful: supplements such as vitamin D (deficient in most Italian women, except when exposed to the sun in summer) improve the immune system; iron and vitamins B9 (folic acid), B12 and C help to reduce iron deficiency anemia which, if present, amplifies the perception of pain; magnesium reduces irritability and tension.