Smartest Details for the Perfect Probiotics Options

Wondering how to consume probiotics and which to buy? Then you’ve come to the right place.First of all, remember that probiotics are bacteria naturally present in our body in our intestines. Only, it sometimes happens that our digestive system undergoes some disturbances. It is therefore necessary to help him by providing him with additional natural probiotics.

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Here are 3 tips to help you in your consumption or purchase of probiotics.

Buying Probiotics: How To Get Them?

First of all, you should know that probiotics can be bought and consumed in different forms:

  • By fermented foods. (lacto-fermented vegetables, pickles, sauerkraut cabbage, brewer’s yeast)
  • In liquid form. (miso soup, kumbucha, lacto-fermented vegetable juice)
  • In capsule in the form of food supplements. (See the section below: “Know before buying probiotics supplements”)

By foods or drinks enriched with probiotics. In addition, it is possible to find fermented products in many organic stores. But still, in supermarkets for all that is cheese, yogurt, pickle and brewer’s yeast (in the diet department).Otherwise, you can make your own lacto-fermented vegetables or fruit yourself. Please note the term lacto is not related to the presence of milk but in reference to lactic fermentation. Thus lactose intolerant or allergic milk proteins can consume it.

  • A little recipe to help you make lacto-fermented vegetables.

Advantages Of Probiotics In The Form Of Supplements

The benefits: One of the main benefits of consuming probiotics in the form of supplements is the ease of ingesting the probiotics. All the more, in the case where one suffers from digestive discomfort it is more pleasant to swallow a pill rather than to eat for example lacto-fermented vegetables. In addition, another interesting advantage is the fact of finding several strains of bacteria in certain food supplements for a single capsule. This allows to target several problems in one take.You can also combine pre-biotics and probiotics, which is most interesting for finding a healthy microbiota.

The disadvantages: Today, more and more laboratory brands offer probiotics it is not always easy to navigate. Most of the time, each brand has its own strain of bacteria. It is therefore advisable to get information from your doctor to find out which ones you need based on your own symptoms. Also, one should look at the dosage of the tablets. Some food supplements are not dosed enough, it is therefore necessary to take 7 capsules in the day which is rather important. Last drawback, in some food supplements we can find allergens like milk and soy or even starch (gluten).

Now that we know the pros and cons we will see what to know before buying probiotics supplements.

Know Before Buying Probiotics Supplements

It is important to consume probiotics with prebiotics because it does not make sense to consume bacteria without feeding them prebiotics. Indeed, they will not be able to develop properly.In addition, it is advisable to take probiotics in the morning before eating in order to prepare the flora before meals and in some cases strengthen the intestinal membrane.