Taylor’s Recommendation On What to Carry to Their Houston Rehab

Anxiety and fear are common feelings that accompany the prospect of entering a rehabilitation facility. Having no idea of what to carry with you for your residence and treatment is a major source of stress. This list might serve as a guide for what to bring to a treatment facility. You’ll want to research the rehab center you’ll be attending before you begin packing. Certain requirements are more essential than others, depending on the kind of treatment. Among the most often suggested things to pack are the following:

  • Notepads, journals, and other writing implements
  • Names, addresses, and contact information for the persons you wish to be involved in your therapy (healthcare professionals, loved ones, 12-step sponsors, etc.).
  • A watch
  • An alarm clock.
  • $50 to $100 in smaller bills for shopping, vending machines, etc.
  • An identification card (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • A business card
  • A checkbook, debit card, or credit card(s) to pay for your medications
  • Photos of your loved ones

If you are currently under any prescription medication, please keep it in its original container with the pharmacist information label. Medications in liquid form must be unopened and completely new. All of your medicines and their doses should be included on a list that you bring along with you.

In most cases, the rehabilitation facility will provide you with reading material. Self-help, spirituality, or recovery-oriented materials are acceptable if you come them with you.

More Things That You Can Pack

Remember that most rehab centers have a strict dress code, so pack accordingly. If you do not know how to dress for the temperature, wearing options such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, and coats are helpful. Remember that your rooms may be small, so don’t pack too much.

If your center has a washing machine, you should be able to bring enough clothes for a week’s full of activities. Do not pack clothes that need special care, like dry cleaning while traveling. Include the following things in your luggage for seven days’ supply of comfortable and weather-appropriate attire:

  • Comfortable shoes for everyday usage, tennis shoes for sports/activities, and bathroom flip-flops.
  • Cardigans if you want to wear tank tops to adhere to the facility’s dress code.
  • Pants and Shorts that are to a certain length.
  • Socks
  • Swimming trunks.
  • A bathrobe and A belt

Can I Bring My Pet to Rehab?

Having a pet is a wonderful source of unconditional love and support. Because many people find the company of their pets to be calming, it is understandable that they would bring a pet along for therapy. Patients and their pets may have difficulty finding a treatment facility that accepts both of them. Because of licensing issues, possible liabilities, and allergy sensitivities among other customers, most rehabs have a no-pet policy. Inquire about their pet policies and make alternate arrangements with your treatment facility before leaving for rehabilitation that does not accept animals.

Focus on the Biggest Concerns

What you bring to the rehab is not as important as what you gain from the experience.  Taylor Recovery Center recognizes the range of feelings that come along with coming to rehabilitation for the first time. Everyone who wishes to make a full recovery is welcome here. Please call Taylor Center immediately if you have any questions regarding recovery or what to carry to our facility.