The Importance of Healthy Teeth in Human Body

Your teeth have many functions in your body. It helps you chew the food before you swallow so that digestion becomes easier, it helps you to speak and talk clearly by regulating and forming your intended sounds and words, and above all the teeth gives you face the appropriate shape what you have. More than anything else, the smile that which is a magnificent and precious blessing for mankind, is a contribution of teeth to the human face or body. If you do not have shiny and well-positioned teeth, your smile will lack beauty and attraction. The wonders of smile give you confidence and influence your social life, relationships, communications, career and eventually success. Contact Oracare to ensure a wonderful smile on your face for an impressive personality.

A smiling face or a healthy smile can genuinely transform the appearance of the face as well as the entire personality of a person. It also puts a positive effect in your mind and contributes enormously towards improving the mental and physical health. However, in order to generate a lovely smile, you must have a healthy and shiny set of teeth. You can get beautiful and healthy teeth by regularly brushing and flossing twice every day, taking care of your gum health and regularly visiting your dentist for oral health development.

Traditional belief backed by research claims that the number of your teeth is associated with your life span or linked to the numbers of years you live. It claims that those with a minimum of 20 teeth have higher chances of living more than 70 years in comparison to those have less than 20 teeth. It is true that once you lose your teeth you do not get it naturally. There are various reasons for falling the teeth. But you can keep your teeth intact throughout your life by properly taking care of dental health.

 Academic medical research has already established that out of 65000 menopausal women from the age group of 54 to 86 had the gum diseases and were 14% more likely with the possibilities of developing cancer. Out of this 14%, one out of three got breast cancer and eventually had high risks of lung cancer, gall bladder and skin cancer along with oesophageal. Similarly, those who have healthy gums claimed to be 70% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to those who have gum problems in the long term. A pregnant woman with healthy gums has three times fewer chances of giving premature birth.