The qualities of White Widow Feminized strain

The legendary strain is the most preferred for its exceptional resin production. The much-in-demand white widow is a staple Indica-dominant hybrid with a powerful energy effect. It was built in the 1990s as a cross between the Brazilian Indica and the South Indian Sativa landrace.

Effects of White Widow 

Pine and citrus-scented white widow causes instant heady effects when consumed. The outcomes also include a more refined perception of the surrounding elements.

The powerful white widow hemp seeds treat anxiety, insomnia, cramps, chronic pain, and migraines. And it even helps in multiple sclerosis and seizures. There is research on its ability to help people suffering from hepatitis C.

Characteristics of the white widow plant   

The resin-rich buds of the white widow are chunky and somewhat conical. The flower bud is more Sativa, with a loose and fluffy texture that can break easily despite its viscosity. The leaves are spring green with some visible pistils.

Growing details 

The growing detail of the feminized white widow seed strain is as follows

1 – The Indoor yield 18 ounces per square meter

2 – Indoor growing time 8 to nine weeks

3 – Outdoor yield 21 ounces or more per plant

4 – Outdoor Growing time end of October


It is a well-balanced strain known for its intense and heady high. The Sativa-Indica combination makes it an ideal hybrid strain. The potent weed helps carries a THC count of 22.5%.


Source your White Widow Feminized strain seed from a reputable vendor.