The Secret To Fluffy Baked Potatoes

What makes a good potato great? A fluffy Interior! Sadly, not all potato recipes give you that fluffy tender inside with golden brown crispy skin. There may be several reasons for this but most likely because you do not have the right potato recipe. Ever had your baked potatoes ended up soggy? Well, it helps to know that baked potatoes do not have to be wrapped with foil wrapping when baking. Wrapping them with foil traps the moisture inside, and the result is a steamed potato instead of a baked one. If you decide to wrap your potatoes, the skin won’t be as crisp, and the insides will never be the fluffy and soft the way you really want.


The secret to a fluffy baked potato is simple:

  1. Get rid of the foil and bake the potatoes directly.
  2. Don’t forget to turn up the heat.
  3. Follow this recipe and get the best fluffy baked potatoes you ever had. You’ll find the recipe easy to follow because making a perfectly fluffy baked potato is easier than you think.


2 Russet potatoes, butter or olive oil, Koshar salt, or sea salt.


  • Scrub the potato skin thoroughly under cold running water. Don’t soak them if you don’t want them soggy.
  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. This is a very important step because it gives your potato skin that crispy bite you love so much.
  • Pierce the potato skin with a fork to allow steam escape as it bakes.
  • Rub the potato skin with butter or olive oil and sprinkle kosher or sea salt on it to make it crispier.
  • Place potatoes in the oven and bake for 60minutess.
  • Turn the potatoes the other way after you have baked a while. This is to ensure it bakes evenly.
  • To check if the potato is ready, pierce with a fork. It’s ready when the insides feel soft.
  • When baked, you can slice the top of the potato off and scoop out a bit of the fluffy, delicious insides. Mix with herbs and some cream and scoop back into the potato or simply slice the potato down the center and serve with shredded cheese or any toppings of your choice.



Now that you know the secret to a fluffy baked potato, you will want to try it again and again. You can try many baked potato recipes, and the good news is you don’t even need an oven. You can get absolutely delicious and fluffy potatoes with a microwave or instant pot.