The superior Qualities of Feminized Cannabis seeds

Growing a cannabis plant is not easy. One has to take care of details like sowing seeds at the right time and using proper nutrients. It also involves the lighting, separating the male and female plants to protect pollination, etc., but when you plant a feminized seed, you always get a female plant.


The Growing details of a feminized strain 

Feminized cannabis strains result from a successful mechanism in 1980. All techniques focus on stressing a female plant till it changes into a hermaphroditic. Then it produces pollen, which is used in making other female plants fertile. 

Initially, growers were concerned about growing unstable hermaphroditic. But new improvised feminized seeds work better. 


The cultivation details of a feminized plant 

A grower must know that feminized seeds produce only feminized plants. The interesting part is that a feminized plant is referred to as a female plant. The two names are used interchangeably. 


About feminized seeds 

Initially, the feminized seeds were costly. They were available on the market at a higher price tag than the regular seeds. The good news is that you can now purchase high–quality, feminized seeds at a much lower price. 

Feminized cannabis seeds need the right conditions, nutrients, and techniques. You forget all your worries about immature pollination by a male plant. 

The storage part 

They need a dry, dark place with temperatures of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. 


Source your feminized cannabis seeds from a reputable cannabis dispensary such as Homegrown Cannabis Co for optimal yields.