Trigger point massage

Trigger points are the painful spots or sore spots also otherwise known as Knots that are found in the muscles. These sensitive knots produce pain in different parts of the body when even a slight pressure is applied. Muscle knots can happen to anybody because they are caused by injury,  for the muscle is used too much or too little  on maintaining a poor posture for too long.

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A trigger point massage helps in working out those knots and eventually reducing the pain that is associated with them. Luckily many people experience immediate relief after just one session with Trigger point massage therapy.

Objective of Trigger point massage therapy is softening for releasing a muscle knot so as to reduce the knot pain and the pain associated with it. Releasing this pain happens by applying pressure on various levels to muscle knots and then by stretching the affected area  through a complete  and structured range of motion. Although understanding the map of muscle Trigger points and the associated points is very difficult,  the process of relaxing the  Trigger point is quite simple. A massage therapist can use a number of Different techniques to loosen up the knots, some of which include deep tissue massage and myofascial massage.

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massage Works By releasing a trigger Point by pushing fresh blood in and flashing waste out of the system. This method will help in relieving your pain by bringing more oxygen into the area and creating the muscle to release. There are other techniques that can trick your muscle into releasing Trigger points through stretching and movements like pnf stretching or neural reset therapy. The massage therapist focuses on rubbing and pressing your muscle knots.  you may experience a little discomfort and also relief throughout the session.  At times after the massage you may feel tired or experience sonus for a day or two.  Some people also experience a boost in energy after Trigger point massage.

The benefits of Trigger point massage are many. This is a proven technique for chronic headaches which are rooted from upper back and neck muscles. This therapy also improves posture, flexibility, range of motion and decreases pain. But make sure you are seeking a licensed, certified and experienced practitioner.

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