Untold Benefits of Using Melanotan for Tanning


Are you one of those people who love darker skin, then you should consider tanning. While there are few options to darkening skin, Melanotan 2 beats them all. This is an injectable product that you inject into the skin. Once the correct dosage of melanin is injected into the skin, it helps in the production of melanin- a pigment that gives the skin a dark colour. Naturally, dark skin is better than light skin in many ways. It is resistant to UV rays, and it is less prone to infections and sunburns. People are fond of dark skin because it is easy to maintain.  In the past, people had two options to achieve a permeant tan and one way to make a temporary skin tan. One of the two ways to get a lasting skin tan is sunbathing frequently and using UV therapy. These two are not safe because they expose the skin to injury. The other way through which people achieve a temporal tan is by using costly tanning oils. However, using Melanotan to tan your skin not only offers a permanent skin tan but also heals the damaged skin cells. Other benefits come with using this product which includes; 

Skin Protection

Sunbathing for a long time can damage the skin.  Sunbathing increases the risk of skin cancer. However, with Melanotan, you don’t need to expose yourself to the sun for long. You will only need a small amount of sunlight to stimulate the product to produce melanin.  You will never have to spend hours on end in the sun. The product allows you to tan safely without exposing your skin to the risks of skin cancer and sunburn.

It Is Economical

Using this product will help you save money and time, and therefore it is very economical. Tanning through sunbathing requires the use of expensive sunscreens which is not the case when you use Melanotan 2. Remember sunbathing should be done frequently and for long hours, while injections require you to spend a few minutes in the sun to speed up melanin production. When you use this injection, you say goodbye to the recurrent purchase of expensive sunscreen and many hours of basking outdoors to get the sun.

Intimacy Improvement

Melanotan not only tans your skin, but it is a perfect solution to bed matters. Men with erectile dysfunction get perfect erections when they use this product. Men and women who have discovered the benefit that comes with injecting themselves with the hormone tell the true story of their improved love life under the sheets. The product not produces strong erections in men but also boosts libido in women.