What Can You Do To Prevent An Eye Injury?

It is recommended that you visit an optometrist for examination and treatment to keep your eyes in good condition. Besides, you need to protect your eye as much as possible and prevent it from injury. Preventing an eye injury is crucial to avoiding irreversible damages to your eyes. Even if you visit your optometrist regularly, you need to know what to do to prevent an eye injury. Here are tips on how you can prevent an eye injury.

  1. Avoid Cooking Hazards

Your eyes are exposed to the hazards anytime you are in the kitchen. Be careful with hot oil and water, and prevent them from splattering because this can enter the eye and cause a severe injury. Avoid lifting hot objects to the level of your eyes to avoid an accident.

  1. Be Careful with Chemicals and Cleaning Products

Chemicals can cause a serious injury to the eyes. You must read the labels on any chemicals or cleaning products you buy to take note of its potential hazards to the eyes. Besides, do not attempt to mix chemicals; the result may be catastrophic and cause an eye injury.

  1. Wear Protective Eyewear

Whenever you undertake any risky DIY activities, you should wear safety or protective eyewear. If there is an accident, your eyes will be protected from an injury. Flying particles, chemical fume, dust, etc. will be prevented from entering your eyes when you wear safety eyewear. 

  1. Prevent Tripping

Another way to prevent an eye injury is to secure your rugs and railings to prevent kids and elderly adults from falling. Also, keep away items that can cause you to slip and fall. During a fall, the victim may not be able to prevent hitting the head or eye against an abject that can cause a severe injury.

  1. Keep Away Dangerous Toys

You should not allow your kids to play with sharp objects and toys that can cause an eye injury. Do not let your kids play with pellet guns, darts, missile-firing toys, bows and arrows. All these toys and other dangerous ones should be kept away from your kids. If you can, get rid of dangerous toys that can cause an eye injury.

Make your optometrist, your friend. Go for a regular eye examination, and prevent an eye injury by all means. Your optometrist may not be able to help you if you sustain an eye injury, and this can impair your vision. Follow the tips above and prevent an eye injury.