What is a breast lift and how to do it?

Breast lift is a common term used in the cosmetic surgical field. This term describes the procedure that involves modifying, lifting and reshaping the breasts that are saggy or droopy. This type of surgery must be carried out by a cosmetic surgeon Miami who has a substantial amount of experience, knowledge and skill.

Your breasts can lose their original, attractive shape and become asymmetric due to reasons like weight loss/gain, aging, skin loss, pregnancy etc. When the natural firmness is not there, the breasts tend to appear saggy and droopy. To address such issues, patients can consider undergoing a breast lift procedure from a reputed cosmetic surgeon Miami. As a result of such treatment, the patient can get an augmented appearance, shape and firmness.

As per the breast lift procedure, the skin of the breast will be lifted and tightened. As a result, the contours of the breasts can appear more aesthetic and youthful. In many cases, a breast lift procedure may be combined with a breast augmentation surgery in order to maximize the results.

As per the general procedure, the entire surgical procedure for breast lift will take about two hours. Although the techniques can vary, they generally use a small incision with the shape of an anchor (underside of the patient’s breast). Once the excess skin is removed, the nipple (with areola) will be lifted. The surrounding skin will be dragged down and get the beautiful shape of the breast.

In general, the patients who have less saggy beasts can expect smaller incisions as they undergo minimal modification process. Concentric mastopexy (or doughnut mastopexy) is one of those treatments that can be carried out on such women. As per such a process, a circular incision will be made (around the areola area). A piece of skin with a shape of a doughnut will be removed from the breast (that’s why they call it doughnut mastopexy).

Likewise, there are various other techniques to bring a naturally enhanced shape into breasts. To get the best results out of these surgeries, you must get it done by a highly qualified, professional and well-experienced surgeon.