What is a drugstore exactly?


There are many words, names and phrases that can be sued interchangeably in the English language. And this issue often comes up in America more than any other English-speaking country because we have a great amalgamation of people living throughout the United States.

So, you may have heard people use the term “drugstore” and “pharmacy” to describe the same exact location. But is there a difference between the two shops?

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between your local drugstore and pharmacy.

Pharmacies and Drugstores: What’s the Difference?

By definition, a pharmacy is a place where prescription drugs are dispensed. They should have a pharmacist on staff to help dispense drugs and offer useful information and recommendations.

Similar to a pharmacy, a drugstore often acts as a general retail store that offers prescription medications alongside non-prescription remedies as well.

You may also find everything from first-aid items to vitamins, supplements and more at a drugstore.

Additionally, most drugstores carry a wide range of other health and beauty products. Some chain drugstores also offer groceries, consumer electronics, books, magazines, film development services and more.

Some supermarkets in the US also feature a pharmacy inside their main store. However, this location is not referred to as a drugstore but maintains the pharmacy moniker.

Discover Your Local Drugstore

Some of the other terms that you may hear used interchangeably with a drugstore include a chemist’s, druggist, and apothecary.

Although, these terms are used primarily in the UK and less often in the US. But no matter what you’d like to call your local pharmacy and they should easily be able to fill your most important prescriptions and they also carry other useful health and beauty products as well.