What is the denture and what are their types?

During the lifetime we have two sets of teeth, milk teeth that fall out and new teeth replace them which cannot be further replaced naturally. You need to put in new tooth made out of materials to give natural look when one has to e extracted or fall out due to injuries. The dentures are such replacement that can be removed as well as put back into the mouth. Usually people of older age or ones with severe illness lose their teeth. A denture can give them natural look of teeth with the option to remove them when you want comfort.

More about denture

Dentures are not real set of teeth and hence require some time to get accustomed with them. However these days much more comfortable and natural looking ones are available for use. A denture comes with a flesh colored acrylic base that can fit the gums. The upper set has a base to cover the palate and lower set is designed in horseshoe shape to fit the tongue.

They are basically of two types:

  • Complete denture: These are of two types conventional and immediate. A conventional type takes months to be placed in the mouth as it requires the remaining teeth to be removed and tissues to heal. The immediate one on the other hand does not require so much time. It can be placed at once all the remaining teeth are removed. It provides you with the feeling of never being without the teeth but it has to be relined after several months as bones supporting the teeth reshapes after healing which thereby loosen the denture.
  • Partial denture: A partial denture or bridge has a metal frame with gum colored base that can be attached to the natural teeth. It is used when there are more natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

The dental laboratory is the place where the denture is made. They take the impression of the mouth and the dentist will suggest the type of denture you will need.