What to Do If You Have a Lost Dental Crown

A crown loss should be taken seriously; the repercussions might be disastrous if you are unprepared. The good thing is that you can always prepare in advance. If your crown slips off, you have a few alternatives to maintain your teeth as safe and healthy as possible. Losing your crown is a small inconvenience that can be remedied with perseverance, hard work, and commitment. Keep this in mind no matter what occurs. So, what should you do if you want immediate assistance with your crown?

What Is a Crown, and Where Can I Get One?

Before we get started, you should know what a crown is and what roles it fulfills. A dental crown is a type of therapy that is used to restore the structural integrity of a fractured or damaged tooth. The crown, which covers the whole visible surface of the tooth, is often made of porcelain or ceramic. Crowns can be fitted to any tooth. They are, however, most usually utilized on front teeth.

Crowns are utilized mainly for aesthetic purposes, but they are also employed in a variety of other dental care procedures. A crown is a dental restorative that is used to repair or replace a damaged or decaying tooth. They can also be used to hide discolored or crooked teeth. Crowns are sometimes the most effective technique to keep dental bridges in position.

What Factors Contribute to Crown Loss?


One of the most prevalent reasons for crown degeneration is teeth grinding. As a result, your crown may become loose or fall off at any point throughout the day or night. Those who clench or grind their teeth at night are often unaware of the consequences, which causes them to continue to wear down their teeth. Dentists can often take notice of this and stop the problem by implementing a mouthguard. However, sometimes the crowns of the teeth are already damaged.

Poor Tooth Care

Biting down on hard items, such as hard candy, or using your teeth to open packages can also cause crown damage. Both actions have the potential to destroy your crown. Even a minor blow to the lips might be harsh. Gingivitis, like other types of tooth damage, might be the reason for your discomfort.

Regulations Under Consideration

It doesn’t matter where you get your temporary crown as long as it’s well-made. You must obtain one as soon as possible if you wish to keep your existing eating habits and lifestyle. Following that, you won’t have to endure excruciating agony to have your crown replaced at your regular dental appointment; you may go about your business as usual. It would help if you acquired a temporary crown to keep your teeth healthy.

You can wear a temporary crown for up to six months. Yet, most people only require one for two weeks. This enables the dentist to devise a long-term solution. If you need a temporary crown but are unable to visit your dentist, respectable sellers can be found online. If their dental insurance does not cover the expense of a temporary crown, they may choose this alternative.

There are a few things you should think about before applying a temporary crown to your teeth. Examine the crown to make sure it fits tightly on your tooth. Bite down carefully on the crown before adding cement to ensure that it is securely affixed to the tooth (do not bite too hard, or the crown will be damaged). When you apply pressure, does it feel right? Biting down should feel natural once the crown has been appropriately fitted to your teeth.

Chewing and Eating

Chew lightly and carefully while wearing a temporary crown or while waiting for an appointment to restore a lost crown to preserve your teeth and avoid future damage. You risk damaging your teeth and making it difficult, if not impossible, for your dentist to replace your crown fully if you chew wrongly. After losing your crown, chew with extreme caution. Eating sticky foods, like caramel, may cause the emergency crown to fall out.

Whenever Possible, Make an Appointment

If you lose your crown, you will have no problems, but you will be pretty uncomfortable. The first few times you bite down on anything too hard without your crown, you’ll experience some discomfort. Your crown was shielding your tooth from further damage. When you inform your dentist that you have lost your crown, they will almost certainly schedule an appointment for you to have a replacement made and fitted. When a crown is lost, some people are embarrassed.

People think they have done something wrong as a result of this attitude. Crowns can be taken off at any moment. Don’t allow the fact that you can’t hold anyone accountable to deter you from taking action right now! If you still need clarification about where to go but need affordable dental in Boise, contact the experts at Boise Family Dental Care.

Is It Better to Get Temporary or Permanent Crowns?

Temporary crowns might be unsightly for some people because they are not as smooth or well-placed as permanent crowns. It is entirely dependent on how your dentist performs the operation. Permanent crowns are typically a superior alternative since they are fixed and less likely to fall out. Temporary ones must usually be replaced again. Never, ever let your desire to seem well-groomed interfere with good oral care. You will always be in a better position if you are worried about the appearance of your teeth while they are healthy.

Maintaining Your Permanent Crown

After receiving your permanent crown from your dentist, it is recommended that you continue to care for it in the same manner. Another option is to continue as usual while wearing a temporary crown and sleeping with a mouth guard. Your teeth may be harmed if you grind them while sleeping. As a result, sleeping with a mouth guard can help prevent tooth damage. Custom-made mouthguards fit tightly over a person’s teeth, creating a physical barrier between the upper and lower jaws. Less friction can aid in tooth protection. Noise reduction and sleep quality may also benefit from mouthguards.

Maintaining good oral health requires effort, but it is critical to minimize tooth damage. If you have any questions about how to care for your teeth properly or believe you may require a crown on one of your teeth, contact your family dentist. Boise Family Dental Care is one of the places where you may get dental treatment. Contact their office or visit their website to learn more about how we can help you.