Which doctor should I consult for piles in Hyderabad?

From my personal experience, I can say that piles can bring your life to a halt. Applying ice packs to the affected area or sitting in warm water only reduces the pain on a temporary basis. Instead of looking for treatment options that only ease out the pain or stops the bleeding, it is best to get yourself treated with the latest laser-based procedures by proctologists. Proctology specialists are doctors who specialize in curing disorders of the colon, rectum, and anus. I got myself treated with this procedure from a specialist doctor at Pristyn Care who I must say, is very professional as well as highly-experienced!

Best Piles Doctor At Pristyn Care Hyderabad-

A couple of weeks back, a terrible itching started in my anal region which was not stopping. The itching was so bad that it caused me embarrassment at my place of work also.

A few days later, when I was sitting on the toilet there was a piercing pain in my anal region. I thought that I’ll pass out. I gathered a sense of my surroundings and got back on my feet a couple of minutes later. But as soon as I stood up, I saw streaks of blood on the toilet. Seeing blood with my stool, I was scared to death. I came out of the toilet feeling helpless as well as confused about what I should do.

I tried various home remedies in the hope that this will cure the condition. I applied aloe vera as well as soothing wipes to the affected area but nothing seemed to work. I went to the nearest clinic where the physician examined me and prescribed me some painkillers and also ointments. On his recommendation, I ate all kinds of healthy foods and drank almost 8 to 10 glasses of water regularly for a week. The pain subsided and the bleeding also eventually stopped.

Unfortunately after a couple of days later, the same pain occurred when I was on the toilet and again there was bleeding. This time the pain didn’t subside like the previous time. I decided this is something serious and requires medial help from somebody with high-experience.

I was looking for a doctor who had sufficient experience to cure such a condition and make sure the problem doesn’t occur again. While searching, I came across Dr. Praveen Kumar G., his credentials and certifications made him look competent enough to diagnose my condition. Without wasting any time, I booked an appointment for the next day.

The next day I went to their clinic where I met with the doctor. His name was Dr. Praveen Kumar G. He physically examined me and asked about my eating habits and lifestyle. He diagnosed me with a grade 2 piles. I asked him about any non-surgical treatment for hemorrhoids in hyderabad. To which he explained to me that there are several home remedies or ointments that can provide temporary relief from the pain. I replied to him that I have already tried them but it didn’t improve the condition. After hearing this, he told me that if none of the home remedies have worked, then laser surgery is the best option. He explained that there is no cut or incision made during a laser treatment. The entire procedure will be done under the influence of anesthesia. Seeing his credentials and also learning about his experience on the internet, I was convinced that he is competent enough to perform the treatment. 

The next day I underwent the surgery and trust me when I say it was completely pain-free! There was no major blood loss. After the surgery, the doctor monitored me for a couple of hours and discharged me on the same day. During the discharge, the doctor also provided me a proper diet plan and asked me to make some lifestyle changes. I thanked him immensely to help me get relief from the daily hassle of bleeding and pain. It’s been a week after the surgery, I am fully active and healthy now all because of Dr. Praveen.