Which is better – a multi-specialty or a specialty clinic?

Nowadays more than the specialized clinics that focus on a particular treatment, there are multispeciality clinics available that have attracted a lot of people. it’s not just their facilities along with the treatments but the ability to visit the doctors on time combined with a wide range of services have made it preferable. A common confusion among the common people is, ‘ what to choose?’ To answer at all read the passage below.

What is a multi-specialty clinic?

Multispeciality clinics are medical centers that offer a wide range of services with multiple specialists who can take care of all your body-related problems. They will not be restricted to a particular genre in the medical field with a single doctor. So choosing such a specialty clinic will be preferential for most people as they can get the treatment they require for an affordable price range. For example, if you are visiting a general physician with a complaint, he will take the necessary test and redirect you to another specialty hospital based upon the problem. But that multi-specialty clinic you do not have that trouble. Once the physician detects the problem The other doctor located in the same clinic related to the specialized field will take over for further treatment plans making it easier on the patients.

Advantages of a multi-specialty clinic

One of the main reasons people choose a multi-specialty clinic over a traditional hospital is because of the following advantages.

  • Affordability

Here each treatment is available as a package at an affordable cost in making it easier for the patients to choose them in combination with their insurance policies. Search options will not be available in traditional hospitals. Some of the hospitals like Clinic@78 offers special treatments for their patients with low price.

  • Availability of experts

During emergency requirements, the multispeciality hospitals will have the constant availability of all the experts. This will allow the patients to receive 100% effective treatment without worrying about shifting from one hospital to another. Clinic@78 offers 24 hours emergency service combined with experts from all the skills including cardiology and neurology.

  • Comfort and medicines

A traditional hospital will have a low bed count combined with specific medicines that can cure their own patients. For example, an orthopedics hospital will have only orthopedic medicines combined with other emergency medicine but not important medicines related to cardiology. But when you choose a multispeciality hospital-like Clinic@ 78, the comfort of the patients and their health requirements are given more importance.

Why Clinic@78?

Despite the availability of multiple hospitals in the same region, Clinic@78 has gained a positive note from the patients due to their 24 hours service combined with the availability of experts. The nurse practitioners are available round the clock and offer the required help to all the patients on time. Along with comfort and treatment, the survival rate of the patients has also been high.

For more details about Clinic@78 watch the video below:

Author: Ms Latha Vinayakarao

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Clinic@78 https://clinic78.co.uk/

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