3 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Never Undergo during Summers

Summers means longer days, means longer time spent outdoors. It may seem like a great time for vacation, but know that it is not friendly for your skin. As our skin is very sensitive and prone to damage in these summer months, you need to adjust your beauty regimens accordingly. And this goes beyond exfoliation or applying sunscreen more frequently. According to Clinique Anti Aging, avoid using certain cosmetic procedures at all cost as this may cause substantial damage because of dryness and increased sensitivity. We have listed a few of these procedures and treatments to steer clear from during summers.

  1. Laser hair removal

Particularly if you are tired of shaving your legs to strut your legs, you may get too tempted to go for laser hair removal. But according to experts, you need to wait it out until the summer subsides. This is because your skin gets darker in summertime. No matter if you don’t tan, you may have freckles or sunburned or pigments may change their color. As laser hair removal tends to function on certain wavelengths on your skin that targets melanin pigment. When your skin is not in its natural shade, it becomes harder to carry on further sessions.

  1. Chemical peels

People are very tempted to get the chemical peels done for many reasons. This process enhances the overall look of your skin on your face, neck or hands. This reduces the acne scars, signs of aging and sun spots. Here is how it works, a chemical solution is determined on the basis of your skin’s needs and then it is applied to your skin. Then, your skin sheds a layer off and reveals a smooth and brand new layer underneath. Experts claim that many peels aren’t recommended to be used in the summertime, this is because the sun may repigment the skin. It also restricts their effectiveness as the skin never heals properly.

  1. IPL

Just look at your hands or look in the mirror, chances are you may find some skin spots. These tiny evidence may have caused because of being exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time and they worsen as you age. To address them, we advise you to wait till the summer subsides. This is because these spots may regenerate in the summertime which defeats the purpose of getting the treatment in the first place.