Explore the Best Details in Leg Waxing


The hair removal techniques are not lacking: razor, cream, wax, epilator or laser. All have their advantages. But also their disadvantages. To be sure to choose the hair removal that suits your legs, here are some tips from waxing whitefish mt.

Spine legs with a razor

For a waxing of the legs, armpits or jersey, the razor has the advantage of being fast, painless and cheap. In record time, you are rid of your unsightly fluff. But the effect is ephemeral. One to two days later, your hair will grow back and appear thicker and darker. It is a method to focus on troubleshooting.

With depilatory cream

Depilatory creams have been perfected and are now more effective. The hair removal method is fast. Unfortunately, the hair is not torn from the root but simply dissolves, it repels quickly. Here it is, in only four days! In addition, the chemical composition of depilatory creams can be irritating. This method will not be suitable for sensitive skin.

With wax

For the waxing of the legs, the wax has many advantages. The result is clear. A single pass is usually sufficient. And regrowth is slow: about two to three weeks. But this method also has its disadvantages. It can be painful and difficult to apply. The more clumsy will therefore favor the roll-on, available in the trade, or a visit to the institute.

With an epilator

The electric epilator has the advantage of offering a gentle and silky waxing for two to three weeks. It requires, however, an initial investment of 50 to 170 €. If some brands develop devices called “painkillers”, the epilator remains one of the most uncomfortable hair removal modes. Another significant disadvantage: this technique exposes the risk of folliculitis. In other words, incarnate hair.

With a laser

Very fashionable, the laser is a technique of permanent hair removal legs that destroys the hair bulb deep without pain or almost. It allows a very long hair removal, especially on dark hairs. But arm yourself with patience. Five to eight sessions are required to eradicate all hairs from the treated area and this, one session every eight weeks.

With pulsed light

This is the latest trend in permanent hair removal. Pulsed light, nicknamed “flash lamp”, attacks the pigment of the hair and thus reduces up to 90% of the hair. This technique produces a slight tingling sensation, quite bearable. The duration of the treatment is similar to that of the laser.

However, maintenance sessions are required every two to three years. Know that taking certain medications or sun exposure before a session is strictly forbidden.

For the price, count the same budget as for the laser

To avoid ingrown hairs after waxing legs, consider doing a homemade scrub for example, then disinfect the skin and the device used, using a mild antiseptic. Finally, do not forget to pull the hair in the direction of the shoot. Philips Lumea is not least but a good option for long term results. 

To ease the pain of waxing, apply pressure with the palm of your hand to the freshly shaved area. Avoid, however, using ice. Although anesthetic, it tightens the pores and makes it more difficult to pull the hair.