Trying to choose a new dental office can be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of dentists out there but it is difficult to find a perfect match. Though all the dentists and dental hygienists have graduated and are licensed, however, there are certain things that you should consider asking your Dentist in Caledon before making any final decision.

Does the dentist keep up with the changing technology, techniques and procedures?

You must pick a dentist who keeps up with the constant updates in the field of dentistry. Find out about the filling materials used, whitening procedure, tooth replacement in a day and cosmetic dentistry. Get knowledge about the kind of continuing education does the dentist value and what sort of training and education has he provided for the staff. Having a progressive and well-trained team implies that they will be able to provide the standard of care that is needed by you.

Are all standards for sterilization of instruments and disinfection of operatories met?

If it is a  good office, then it has nothing to hide when it comes to how they handle sterilization. Certain standards have to be met and a lot of teams decide to exceed those standards. You could ask for a tour. The sterilization area must either have a chemiclave or autoclave, a designated labelled area for dirty and clean instruments and a packaging area to keep the sterilized instruments until they are opened for use. Check if the office is also sterilizing the dental handpieces and disinfecting all surfaces.

Are specialized, individual and patient specific plans made or do they cater to the insurance companies?

Most of the times, the insurance companies do not have your best interest in their mind. The main aim of insurance companies is to make a profit. If the insurance company says that you can only see a dentist once a year and don’t cover any major work you undergo, then it doesn’t mean that the treatment was not needed by you. A good dental clinic will assess your needs and come up with a treatment plan which serves you the best and won’t allow the insurance companies to dictate the terms of treatment. 

Does the office make efforts to explain everything to you?

Over the years dentistry has become more and more complex, earlier when things were relatively simple, a dentist could discuss the options with the patient in a few minutes. As more and more treatment options have become available, it no longer makes sense to wait till you are in the dental chair and discuss your options. Nowadays, dental offices usually offer the service of a treatment coordinator, who is a person with extensive dental training. They sit down with you in a consulting room and go over your treatment plan. This is the perfect time for you to raise your concerns and ask your questions. They will also provide you with alternative plans.