About Alcohol Poisoning and Effectiveness of IV Hangover Solution

Excessive consumption of liquor could cause severe hangovers the following day. You may also suffer from a life-threatening situation due to acute alcohol poisoning.

Let us delve on some of the alcohol poisoning symptoms. You should rest assured that most alcohol poisoning symptoms would be inclusive of similar symptoms as having a hangover. However, they would go beyond a hangover.

Alcohol poisoning symptoms would be inclusive:

  • Unable to stay conscious
  • Passing out completely
  • Confused
  • Vomiting while unconscious
  • Reduced heart rate and change of skin color (slightly bluish)
  • Seizures
  • Irregular or slow breathing
  • Low boy temperature or cold body

If you experience the aforementioned symptoms after consuming excessive liquor, you should call for immediate medical assistance. If you see a person having the aforementioned symptoms, you should call for help. It would be essential that you stay with the person and try to turn him or her on their side to avoid choking them in their vomit. If the person has stopped breathing, you should begin giving them CPR.

If you do not see the aforementioned symptoms of alcohol poisoning, the person cannot be awakened or has passed out; they would be at grave risk. You should consider seeking immediate medical assistance.

How is IV solution effective?

The hangover hospital would send a nurse regardless of where you were located. The nurse would administer an IV solution based on your condition. For mild hangovers, the dose would be relatively low. However, for severe conditions, the IV solution dosage would be increased to provide you instant relief.

Hangover symptoms would usually be a problem for people having extreme drinking habits. They would spoil their personal and professional life due to excessive drinking habits. Therefore, before you search for a remedy for a hangover, you should consider restricting yourself to your drinking habits.