Ambulance cover – Things you need to know

Often overlooked, ambulance for emergency transport is a considerable addition to your medical bills. Most people do not pay much attention to the cover for ambulance services. Many health insurance policies include the ambulance coverage or you can also buy a separate ambulance cover. An obvious question is to buy an independent cover or purchase what health cover includes ambulance? Well, you can choose the option based on your needs and the benefits your insurer offers. If you are willing to invest in an ambulance cover, you need to know the details before you spend your money on it. Here is a detailed description of the ambulance cover to assist you in making the big decision.

  • Ambulance cover – meaning

Emergency transport and treatment by paramedical is what makes the ambulance cover. Although transportation is urgent situations and an ambulance is a vital component of immediate medical care, many insurance companies refrain from including it in regular medical covers. For that reason, it is wise to buy an independent cover to save hefty outlays on the ambulance. Evaluate your requirements based on your condition, plans offered by the insurer, state, and territory before making a decision.

  • Types of ambulance cover

Buying health insurance that includes ambulance cover or purchases it out on its own is a trade-off that often leads you confused. Health insurance comes with additional benefits like a private hospital room and dental cover but may not provide any assistance in transportation. You can find ambulance cover in two broad categories.

  • Emergency ambulance cover

This covers share the ambulance expenses only in case of any emergency. In any other case, you will have to pay for your transportation from your pocket. It may also exclude cover for ambulance services out of your state of residence.

  • Comprehensive ambulance cover

This cover includes ambulance expenses in all cases. It can be a crisis situation or a transfer to the hospital for planned treatment. You get cover for all types of an ambulance including ground travel or otherwise. It may also include the cover if the ambulance treats you on the spot without taking you to the hospital.

The extent and nature of your completely depend on your policy brochure and insurance provider.

  • Things to look for with your ambulance cover

When you invest in an ambulance cover, it is important to read the policy brochure thoroughly and meticulously. You need to pay attention to the details which can make huge differences in critical situations. You should see whether the cover addresses the ‘call-out’ claims that are the fee of the ambulance that provides you treatment and no transport. Check for the inclusion of all types of ambulance services and not just ground services. This can be a lifesaver in case you suffer on your vacation on travel.

  • Ambulance cover for pensioners

Many states offer special services for pensioners. You need to produce a necessary document like a health care card, pensioner concession card, etc that are accepted for verification. If you have the essentials, you are entitled to free ambulance services including regular transport and emergency at the time you receive the ambulance service. This is often state-specific and does not include cover for interstate services.