Explore the best of Sleeping Disorder Options for You Now

More and more of us are experiencing sleep disturbances or difficulty falling asleep. Sleep time, but also the quality of sleep, has important repercussions in your daily life: repercussions on your mood, your form but also your health, your weight and your intellectual capacities. So, all on sleeping pills? To be avoided of course. Especially since there are simpler and more natural solutions to improve sleep and have a better night. Make a visit to the best thing for you and you will know a lot more about the same.

Natural solutions to improve sleep and get a good night’s sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep, think about changing your habits or your lifestyle. A healthier diet or less stress can considerably help you fall asleep. And improve sleep You can also help plants to sleep better.

6 tips to promote sleep

Stay away from screens one to two hours before sleeping:

Turn off the TV, smartphone and computer and start reading again! The screens produce artificial light that disrupts sleep cycles . It is best to get away from them before dark and not leave them in the bedroom. Similarly, move your boxes and your connected objects away from your bed .

Improve sleep, sleep well

Eat light dinner:

Too much fat can slow digestion and prevent you from sleeping well . Choosing a vegetarian meal, a soup or a salad with a little starchy food (bread, potatoes, etc.) can help improve sleep.

Practice a relaxing activity:

Getting into yoga or sophrology can help you relax. You will learn to release your stress and breathe better: two essential keys to better sleep.

Regulate sleep disorders with plants:

Some plants have a soothing and relaxing effect: they improve sleep and the quality of sleep. Plants of the papaveraceae family, including the poppy and the California poppy, are natural allies of sleep. Combined with melatonin , a hormone produced naturally by the brain and which prepares you to fall asleep, it is the ideal mixture for sleeping well.

This is the secret recipe for Nutrilife ‘s Happy Night: a dietary supplement that improves the quality of sleep. Its innovative formula improves sleep and regulates anxiety, without causing drowsiness or addiction.

Drink a herbal tea after the meal:

Tip well known to our grandmothers, an herbal tea promotes sleep. Prepare your own herbal tea in bulk: verbena, linden or chamomile, or buy ready-to-use “quiet night ” mixtures. Prefer organic infusions for the quality of the plants.

Sleep in a cool room:

An overheated room will not help you sleep. On the contrary, you may be able to fall asleep better, but your night will be more hectic. Remember to air your room during the day and not leave the heating on in the room (and you will save more!). The best is to invest in a good quilt to be warm.