Can Hormone Therapy Help You With Menopause Symptoms

Hormones are one of the main substances in our body. They are managing body functions, and if they are not functioning the way they supposed to, the body can suffer. That is also happening during menopause. Woman’s ovaries are starting to shut down, and the hormones that they are producing are starting to produce less.

These hormones are estrogen and progesterone and they are in charge of a menstrual circle and the production of the eggs for fertilization. Because these hormones are not produced, a woman can’t be pregnant anymore. These changes are bringing the menopause symptoms that no one likes.


As you start to lose your menstruation, the symptoms such as mood changes, hot flushes or night sweats can appear. These hot flushes appear suddenly, leaving you with sweat, red neck and face and, of course, irritated. You may need in those moments something to cool you down, something as a cool room, cold water or fan. The same is for night sweats, only they can interrupt your sleep.

For some women, menopause symptoms are very difficult

Woman’s body is managing the energy differently during the menopause, and you can easily gain weight.  After some time, the osteoporosis can appear, and you can even have heart problems. Also, headaches are possible, and one of the worst symptoms is vaginal dryness. Vaginal tissue is getting thinner in this period and you can feel pain during sex, or peeing and sitting.


Medicine has developed great remedies that will help you reduce these symptoms. They are known as the bioidentical hormones, and they are very popular among women in menopause. The components of bioidentical hormones are the natural hormones which are abstracted from the plants, and they are mixed to make the product which will have a certain amount of every hormone.

With this therapy, many menopause symptoms will be reduced, as these hormones are bringing back the hormone balance in the body because they are replacing the missing hormones. Before taking these hormones, you must consult with your doctor. If you are in Australia, the hormone therapy from Australian Menopause Centre will be a great option, because the experts will guide your therapy.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

You doctor will prescript these hormones which you can find in the drugstore, or the pharmacist can make it for you. Anyway, you cannot get these hormones without a doctor. Do your best to find a good clinic and we can recommend menopause clinic Melbourne such as Australian Menopause Centre, where you can rely on professionals who will know which treatment is best for you.

When you start to use these hormones, you will consume them two or three times a day, and you can get them as pills, creams, injections or patches. If you are not achieving the goals that you want, your doctor can change the treatment.


Help your body to manage menstrual symptoms by using the right remedies, and alongside a good doctor, you will feel good during the menopause.