Tips for Pursuing Social Anxiety Disorder Therapy with Ease

Discussing your social anxiety disorder [SAD] openly with a counselor can be challenging. You are afraid to talk with other people but in a therapy, you will need to share your deep feelings with a total stranger. SAD therapy will seem as hard as confronting social events in the start. 

During the social anxiety disorder therapy session, you may fear to appear weak. Moreover, your incompetence to trust someone sufficiently, so as to discuss openly about your issue becomes a barrier for successful therapy completion. 

You will feel like avoiding the therapy sessions. It is a normal thought that every person is suffering from SAD experiences. Nevertheless, if you don’t reveal your feelings then the anxiety issue will remain unresolved. 

What to do if you feel like quitting SAD therapy session?

Give it time

It is possible that after some sessions, you will get comfy with the therapist. The process may take some weeks but if the bonding is good then the possibility that you will find it easy to communicate your inner fears increases. If you are in short-term therapy or you find it hard to connect with your therapist then giving it time is senseless.

Write your feelings on paper

Writing down how you feel on a paper before the session, give it or email it to the therapist before the session. The therapist may get a clear picture of your situation and plan a treatment, accordingly. You will be surprised very soon that sharing your fears in therapy has made it easy to open up.

Consider online therapy

Online therapy means you can discuss your personal issue in a chat or email format rather than face to face. For people suffering from SAD and finding it hard to open up with a therapist can find this alternative much better. The possibility that engaging in online SAD therapy can make it easy to finally speak with the therapist in person.