CBD Skin Care Product Worth Trying  

CBD skin care is the newest trend in the beauty world. With marijuana being legalized throughout the world, it’s not a surprise to see cosmetic brands looking into the cannabis plant. The endocannabinoid system which is a collection of cell receptors throughout the body makes CBD as an excellent skin care product. It takes part in regulating different processes including pain, mood, and much more. 

CBD is lipophilic which enhances easy penetration to the top layer of skin. It interacts and binds with all kinds of receptors triggering anti-inflammatory effects. There are certainly no side effects related to consuming or inhaling CBD. However, you should be cautious when introducing a new skin care product.   

CBD skin care benefits

 – Antioxidant 

When applied topically, it can prevent the free radical damage caused by exposure to chemicals or sun. This will slow down hyperpigmentation and aging process from developing. 

– Anti-inflammatory

 Most people are using this product to reduce inflammation signs like redness and swelling. Some studies show that it can decrease joint inflammation. 

– Pain-relieving 

Many of the products in the market are labeled as pain relievers meant for reducing cramps or muscle pain. Patients suffering from chronic pain are the most vocal fans of CBD. 

– Mattifying and Anti-Acne 

Its potential use as anti-inflammatory shows that it can minimize the redness associated with acne pimples. Preliminary research shows that it can reduce oil production in the skin.  

There various CBD products in the market that have shown positive effects. They include the following: 

  1. Pineapple Express Join Balm 

Its made with hemp seed oil, beeswax, and coconut oil. The joint balm has a thick texture similar to tiger balm. 

  1. CBD Daily Soothing Serum 

This is a nourishing formula product which is recommended particularly as a pain reliever. The major component in this brand is a fragrant blend of essential oils. 

  1. Lord Jones 

It’s a lightweight body lotion with some of the most surprising effects of topical CBD. The cooling menthol derivative and phytocannabinoid effect make it more responsible and precise product on the market. 

  1. MGC Derma 

Intrigued by unique foaming effect and a blend of hyaluronic acid, its a great choice for those suffering from dehydration, oiliness, and post-acne scarring.  

  1. Vertly Relief Lotion 

This is a super-light lotion containing moisturizing sunflower oil, skin-soothing arnica, and a whopping 150 mg of CBD. 

  1. Pure CBD Eye Serum 

It’s a great product for all skin types including the eye. This serum packs hyaluronic acid for hydration and a respectable anti-aging punch.