How Walkers Can Help The Elderly Get Around

As we age, the ability to move around quickly is more complicated. With declining vision, weakened upper body strength, and lessened ability to balance the body, it becomes more dangerous to walk.

Walkers can significantly help senior citizens be more mobile without completely removing them from independence. Here are a few points to consider.

Different Varieties Depending On Your Circumstances

Scooters will boost confidence for independent living.  Before visiting your health care pharmacy, you’ll want to consider that there are a variety of walker designs available. Each one has unique characteristics to help assist the person’s situation.

  • Hemi Walkers- Held like a cane, it is designed for individuals who don’t have full use on one side.
  • Folding Walkers- These are your standard walkers that will provide the most support but needs to be picked up between steps.
  • Two Wheel Walkers- Like folding walkers, yet they have two front wheels for more natural movement.
  • Four-Wheel Walkers- Easily able to be moved around on different surfaces. They have a seat for rest and a basket for storage.
  • Three-Wheel Walker- Similar to the four-wheel walker but doesn’t have a seat.
  • U-Step Walker- More stable, suitable for diseases such as Parkinson’s.
  • Knee Walker- A good option for individuals overcoming surgery.

Know The Benefits Of Using A Walker

The elderly population has an increased risk of falling and hurting themselves. With a walker, it’s more likely to avoid broken bones and other possible injuries. Using assistance can help them feel more secure when they’re out in the community.

Risking time in the hospital and months of rehabilitative care is worth the investment in a walker. If you have an elderly family member or friend, you owe it to them to discuss how using a walker will improve their livelihood.